the real problem of league of legends aren't trollers inters flamers but..

afkers. people with shitty wifi that makes you lose 20-25 minutes per remake the situation is critical nowadays, 1 game out of 2 has one or more afkers that won't connect and make the team remake the game i don't know about you but i have a life, a work, a family, i am 38 years old and i can't afford to waste 30 minutes before playing a single match, it's simply not acceptable and i think it's the thing that will make me lose interest in continue playing so that's why i am asking riot to make some adjustment: enforce a more strict ping check or at least a severe punishment for players that afk, like a 1 week ban every 2-3 disconnects ingame if a player int or flame he is rightfully banned, even permabanned, why is it not the case when players fail to connect? they are ruining the game experience big time, so, why? i'm not asking for them to be permabanned, but a temporary ban will work wonders i think i'd rather have a toxic player / unpleasent game instead of trying 40 minutes to try to play the goddamn game without success i would appreciate if some riot employer could provide some feedback on the matter thanks. EDIT: big lol at the people downvoting without commenting, like, they actually enjoy afkers?
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