Riot System Its Time To Go down

I dare you heads of riot to come and face me with words ...Cant you see how stupid your system is ? ...if someone even talks in chat these days not even say bad words he gets banns? isn't it soo dumb ? I mean u can make the system in which PEOPLE who talks in chat gets perma chat restrict INSTEAD OF perma bann his account am I right ? isn't that WAAAAY MORE FAIR AND efforts+money saving ? and its been 10th anniversary don't you agree you should gift people something ? or you are just like what people really name you MONEY EATERS WHO DOESNT CARE ABOUT A SHIIT ABOUT US ...perma chat restrict instead of perma banning the whole account for chat flames is way more better ...leave the perma bann for people who trolls hard in-game and lots of times ..these are the ones that must be perma banned ...not people who are trying to get in-rank and have their blood boiling for glory and winning ...just think about it so none has suffering as before ...and about already banned accounts ...cant you see that everyone is complaining about the system ? you always compare in real life so its the time to compare your policy in real life second chances on accounts ? why ? dont you get second chance in life ? so who you are riot to say " no second chance " ...and its been 10 years and nothing changes in the system that proves how weak and fragile you system is dont control your system YOUR SYSTEM CONTROLS YOU ...just put to consider these two points : 1) a perma chat restrict instead of perma banning the whole account. 2) giving second chances on people who got the perma bann for a long time ...people change so they do have the right to have a second chance dont you agree ? ( I advice you do it this year since its 10th year anniversary ). if you dont consider your clients complains and put it in consideration then you are just a weak falling money eater company ..thanks if any of you riot see this message you weaklings cant even reply to my perma chat restrict idea (:
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