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The difference that makes the difference | Kjell Enhager | TEDxSSE
Kjell Enhager is a lecturer, writer and role model within both culture and the athletic world. He has done motivational speaches in front of hundreds of people all over the world and he has been coaching some of the world most leading sport stars.
I have a vision, that one day Riot will find a way to empower people to have a better gaming experience, and in turn, an enriched life. LoL is an amazing sport which I am proud to be a part of, but it is also a host for many negative attitudes, therefore, I hope my fellow players can come together, and help me share the vision, and mayhaps adopt some things to become powerful and influenced for change. I believe that more people will reach out to one another and create great bonds and take the online world serious. Be authentic. Practise gratitude for EVERY game. Accept that there are things beyond your control. Trust and faith in your fellow members, and they will lend you their strength. You have the power of vision, feel it. Allow to take distance when you feel that you are losing yourself (you are you, mind your exposure, or you might become something you are not) Become a better version of you. If you are skeptical about this, it's okey to be, but give it a try. Be curious, see what happens, see if anything changed. But expect it to take a long time. May this be the difference that makes the difference.
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