What I hate most about League

When people don't communicate in champion select. First Championselect Me: Im firstpick can I pick for someone? Others: ---------------------- Me: 15 seconds left. Anyone? Others: ---------------------- Me: well gonna pick my own stuff then. Summoner5: Can some pick me caitlyn please. Me: .. left the lobby and lost 3 LP. Didn't want to play with people that don't communicate. 2nd Championselect Summoner3: Oh autofill happened, I main jungle, would you want to swap? (He was support) Me: I go support if you want mid, maybe you can negotiate with someone then. Summoner3: Thank you. Anyone Midlane? I want jungle or top. Summoner3: please? Me: Guys at least communicate. this is not how you win games. Summoner3: ??? Summoner2 picks fiddlesticks jungle. Summoner3: .. Summoner3 picks Katarina midlane Summoner2: You can go Jungle if you want fiddlesticks. Summoner3: F*** you piece of S*** Summoner3: f*** these guys don't even communicate f*** you Im gonna troll and feed. Summoner4: want toplane? - picks garen Summoner3: dsgiaghdsiodkg Me: Well going to safe the day then, cya left the lobby and lost 10 LP. Didn't want to play a game that's lost in championselect. Why does this keep happening? at least in Ranked you should communicate, if someone asks something in championselect, like if he can pick for you of viceversa, at least say no if you don't want. It feels like you don't even care to win or not. If that's the case, at least don't play ranked. Im getting tired of people like that.
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