Can RIOT explain how am i toxic in these games?

SOLVED: I deserved that. I didn't know 'boosted' and 'report' was negative. Eventhough i was defending myself and responding to others behavior. I see why system has issued a punishement. I'm sorry and i will be more careful for my acts in the future, this cost me ranked rewards of season 8. I keep the POST up so others like me can see what i went through. Thank you everyone of the comments! It's said by Riot: Games can get heated, but racial slurs has no place in League. These players were trahs talking me and FLAMING me for being trash and bad. Look at these examples. I have improved so much and got from Level 0 to Level 1 point 3 in 2 weeks and 1 day after season ended i got level 2 then i reached level 3 but season 9 reset it to 2. I didn't want to say this but recently i lost my dog and i was so down.. I wanted to calm by playing league and i met these incredible toxic players! Besides i made another post why i was tilted at that adc. I play Thresh and it's a skillshot champion, people hate if they get hooked and they hate losing games i get it. But there is no reason to report me for hooking or flaming or trahstalking me. I'm really tired! Life is going really hard at me. This is incredibly sad. I wish there was better for me. First my Dog then my mathcmaking and now chat restriction. Yet again i'm sorry if i have crossed the line. But i'm so tired man. What do i do? help me.. i don't know... EDIT 1(GAME 1): I dare Riot to post Pyke's chat here! Please. I wrote all that with my heart but now that i read it i see Pyke chat would help a lot! So i request every single thing Pyke and Teemo wrote to me. Thank you. EDIT 2(GAME 2): Most of it was me talking to my friends friend which is a total bully. He makes mistakes but he blames me for them and he is really really toxic! that alone there was teemo who joined him. I was invited by my friend but his friend was the toxic guy. I already had a bad day and these two made it worse. Funny how toxic people report me and they walk away. I will never play with them again. EDIT 3(GAME 2): you think teemo and my friends friend lucian was enough toxic? How did i mention enemy Zyra for being extremely trash talker because i won early and she won later then started bm'ing? that was my comeback at her. EDIT4:(Finally game 3): Aaah my favourite! The reason i posted this: So i'm plat 1 and i was put ingame with full unrankeds and silvers. I can accept that i might have reached the line and not crossed it or perhaps i have. But that doesn't justify other games. Besides it's not my fault that i as a plat get's to play with fully silver team. Besides me roaming and shotcalling and pinging won us the game too! I didn't write all these to unfairly get my honor level 2 back. Maybe there is no such thing as getting back. But i want some Riot employee to come here and tell me that all those 3 games was well deserved punishement. Please!... I hate this day. Game 1 Pre-Game Thοr: jng In-Game Thοr: nasus or ahri Thοr: can you ward here at 1:20? Thοr: at 1:20 Thοr: guys Thοr: you didn't ward Thοr: :( Thοr: ty Thοr: hi Thοr: ahri come blue Thοr: diana is there Thοr: nvm Thοr: what a joke you are Thοr: i won you a lane Thοr: you complain? Thοr: what a bully you are Thοr: pyke you're funny Thοr: can you Thοr: stop talking? Thοr: and mind your own mistakes? Thοr: once Thοr: you potato Thοr: report pyke for being bully please Thοr: yeah Thοr: i wont bot Thοr: lucian flashed Thοr: ekko flashed Thοr: nasus didn't cooperate Thοr: it's totally my fault Thοr: pyke 0 vision Thοr: you two are mad because you got owned too Thοr: jax you're mad because you got ganked twice early Thοr: diana you're mad because i performed better than you early Thοr: by burning 2 dc flashes Thοr: keep crying Thοr: ff and report ekko for flaming Thοr: he is 0 Thοr: and he is flaming Thοr: then don't talk Thοr: THEN DON'T JUDGE OTHERS Thοr: i never help? Thοr: i burnt adc's flash Thοr: before minions came Thοr: i didn't int Thοr: JAX WAS 50 HP Thοr: UNDER TOWER Thοr: I NEEDED NASUS TO COME Thοr: HE JUST WATCHED Thοr: DIDN'T COME Thοr: I DIED Thοr: HE COULD HAVE TAKEN TO KILL EVEN Thοr: cc Thοr: you sewrgwrh\wejuei5jheio Thοr: it's funny Thοr: how Thοr: you have excues Thοr: for anything Thοr: but nothing for yourself Thοr: why didn't you win the lane? Thοr: lucian had no flash Thοr: yeah i see Thοr: 3/6 Thοr: BECAUSE 0 VISIOn Thοr: stop tlaking Thοr: okay? Thοr: just stop Thοr: i got headache because of you Thοr: yes Thοr: you talk too much Thοr: let's say i am Thοr: leae me alone Thοr: please Thοr: you are not making it better for me Thοr: please Thοr: stop Thοr: it's my first time Thοr: stop it Thοr: i will report you for co operating with enemy team Thοr: and falming me Game 2 Pre-Game Thοr: sup In-Game Thοr: 1:20 Thοr: zyra is better i guess Thοr: 'zyra' Thοr: i hate her Thοr: go in Thοr: rebaz Thοr: aa her Thοr: rebaz go in Thοr: they have no mana Thοr: CLICK Thοr: THE Thοr: LANTERN Thοr: FOR Thοr: 2 Thοr: MORE Thοr: AUTOATTACKS Thοr: SO Thοr: SHE Thοr: DIES Thοr: looooooooooooooool Thοr: you can't play under pressure can you Thοr: well only guys who can play under pressure Thοr: and that's so called Thοr: ADC Thοr: you know Thοr: facts doesn't care about your feelings Thοr: don't talk kid Thοr: what Thοr: idk why you went back but okay Thοr: teemo Thοr: what rank are you Thοr: xD Thοr: hahaha Thοr: it's on cooldown Thοr: you are so bad Thοr: but that's okay Thοr: what bugs me that you flame Thοr: for your mistakes Thοr: you clearly can see Thοr: zyra has flowers Thοr: ACTIVE on tribush Thοr: and they are on drake Thοr: yet you push a lane with no vision Thοr: don't argue with me you eBay Thοr: go rewatch Thοr: and learn from your mistakes Thοr: hey everyone Thοr: could you kindly report teemo for being exteremly toxic? Thοr: i'm personally suprised how this guy can still play with this attitude Thοr: it's either the system that doesn't work or this guy has never faces tribunal Thοr: id appreciate that! Thοr: your behavior is really toxic my friend Thοr: stop it Thοr: i mean not that we don't have a guy like you Thοr: we do Thοr: look at your twin Thοr: lucian Thοr: yes Thοr: i'm pro Thοr: better than u Thοr: xd Thοr: ez Thοr: teach me how to play teemo Thοr: please Thοr: i want to be chelangar Thοr: i wnat be rekkless Thοr: yay Thοr: ok Thοr: howi olay Thοr: how i play Thοr: i blocked myself xD Thοr: reported Thοr: op lucian Thοr: missclick Thοr: Report flming and inting teemo Thοr: int = intentionally feeding Thοr: yes Thοr: Do you England? Thοr: when your mother serves you a cake Thοr: she is feeding you Thοr: she is giving you that cake Thοr: if teemo gives you a kill Thοr: it's feeding Thοr: i just explained Thοr: you can't see our chat Thοr: ajajaja Thοr: wow u are toxic Thοr: gg wp Thοr: 6/3 Thοr: watch this Thοr: teemo Thοr: toxic and bad behavior Thοr: oh i can't wait for you to get muted Thοr: That's what a God looks like Thοr: my child Thοr: aajajaj Thοr: cry Thοr: ajajaja Thοr: wp teemo xD Thοr: gg Thοr: xD Thοr: cry Thοr: Scared of losing Thοr: then don't talk Thοr: dude Thοr: if only this guy was main adc Thοr: You wouldn't be here talking Thοr: Trash Thοr: Who do you think you are? Thοr: yeah i see why you lost 4 team fights Thοr: calm down teemo Thοr: no one cares Thοr: cry on your own Thοr: say that to your syndra Thοr: ahaha Thοr: You were to one saying it's okay to trash talk Thοr: now that you're losing Thοr: you play the innocent card Thοr: Who cares man Thοr: we won Thοr: You lost Thοr: we are better Thοr: you are not Thοr: So don't call yourself God Thοr: you agreed her Thοr: besides she said it's okay to trashtalk Thοr: so bare it Thοr: attack them Thοr: teemo Thοr: you are fed Thοr: wtf Thοr: finalluy Thοr: finally Thοr: rush bot Thοr: and win Thοr: how am i toxic Thοr: You were the one with the attitude Thοr: go end Thοr: man Thοr: GodZyra Thοr: God of Failure Thοr: WHy are you not trashtalking? Thοr: you are still 15/6 Thοr: XD Thοr: wow u msut be tilted Thοr: who ares Thοr: gg easy Post-Game Thοr: sorry i don't speak low elo Thοr: i need a translator Thοr: omg Thοr: keep crying Thοr: *grabs popcorn* Thοr: i love the drama Thοr: woow you lost Thοr: really? Thοr: ohh that's sad Thοr: i mean Thοr: your God friend Thοr: what about him Thοr: :9 Thοr: :( Thοr: why do you feel Thοr: so bad Thοr: ? Game 3 Pre-Game Thοr: we have 0 tank Thοr: they have 1 tank Thοr: and bruiser Thοr: good start Thοr: that's all you can play? Thοr: ... Thοr: go zed Thοr: annie is the bronze option to pick In-Game Thοr: WHY Thοr: YOU Thοr: CHASE Thοr: OLAF Thοr: i love the q budd Thοr: buff Thοr: RHPA35PYUK3N5U3 Thοr: WHY Thοr: WHO Thοr: BOOSETD Thοr: YOU Thοr: BOOSTED YOU Thοr: TO THIS ELO Thοr: he is a disadvantage Thοr: he must be your pre i see Thοr: def what Thοr: I AM rank 2 Thοr: thresh Thοr: dude Thοr: kha Thοr: carry this kid Thοr: take kills Thοr: dude Thοr: are Thοr: you Thοr: serious Thοr: dude Thοr: dude Thοr: due Thοr: dudue Thοr: dude Thοr: :D Thοr: Report vayne for being boosted Thοr: and zed for boosting her Thοr: thanks! Thοr: i'm 0/3 :D Thοr: zed Thοr: roam bot Thοr: please Thοr: who cares about your Thοr: R Thοr: COME BOT Thοr: this guys is a HUGE disadvantage Thοr: ATTACK Thοr: tHE cRAB Thοr: vayne Thοr: oh my God Thοr: vayne Thοr: vayne Thοr: vayne Thοr: dude Thοr: i'm crying Thοr: me neither man Thοr: dude Thοr: wtf Thοr: zed Thοr: stop Thοr: bossting Thοr: your girlfriend Thοr: if you want to boost your girlfriend Thοr: go sup or adc her Thοr: because it's his boyfriend Thοr: and he is boosting her Thοr: ty Thοr: wp Thοr: sorry for stealing your xp Thοr: i'm 0/4 Thοr: look at this vayne Thοr: vayne Thοr: you are 100hp Thοr: with Thοr: ignite on you Thοr: i save you Thοr: but you run into them Thοr: again Thοr: ? Thοr: level 8 olaf Thοr: i can't Thοr: i'm 0/5 Thοr: i can't tolerate Thοr: your acts Thοr: of boosting Thοr: bronez people Thοr: i'm challegner Thοr: rank 4 thresh Thοr: do you understand? Thοr: yeah Thοr: yy Thοr: look at your bronze premade Thοr: she disgusts me Thοr: lmao Thοr: l2p zed Thοr: how sad can this game be Thοr: olaf is 9 Thοr: easy kill Thοr: kill him Thοr: wp Thοr: thank God we have a nice top and jungler Thοr: 950g Thοr: zed Thοr: come Thοr: push mid Thοr: they are going top Thοr: fas Thοr: push mid Thοr: zed Thοr: no r Thοr: liss Thοr: wp Thοr: no mana for q Thοr: morg Thοr: vision around baron is clear Thοr: let's do baron sometime Thοr: enemy red spawning Thοr: jungler will be at ride Thοr: so no smite for them Thοr: vayne Thοr: stay with me Thοr: your objective is Thοr: staying with me Thοr: and mid Thοr: guys Thοr: c'mon Thοr: they will go to kkayle Thοr: come fast Thοr: vayne Thοr: dude Thοr: listen Thοr: once Thοr: inhib Thοr: VAYNE Thοr: HIT Thοr: TURRET Thοr: vayne Thοr: inhibitor Thοr: man Thοr: zed do me a favour Thοr: don't premade this vayne again Thοr: she lost so many time by hitting minions on both turrets and inhibs Thοr: look mid inh still up Thοr: morgana bot Thοr: lol Thοr: go baron Thοr: vayne Thοr: man Thοr: c'mon Thοr: listen please Thοr: it's so basic Thοr: why is she refusing to listen Thοr: when she can't even play on plat elo? Thοr: she knows her build Thοr: HER build Thοr: she is Challenger Thοr: you know Thοr: korean one Thοr: kha red Thοr: free Thοr: maybe kayle should take this red? Thοr: i'm asking to kha Thοr: not you Thοr: it's his jungle Thοr: facts doesn't care about your feelings Thοr: i thank Kayle and Kha Thοr: for the carry Thοr: they deserve the best Thοr: bg

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