Riot's downfall

This is your downfall. your 'system' punishes what? 3 9 year old trolls that report the only lucid and rational team member and the trolls go free to next saddens me to have lost so many years in a game that became a sewer of spoiled brats, offended hypocrites and kids that find it funny to waste 30 mins of someone's fun time just to troll and afk around. Your community will be filled soon only with kids that will eventually leave because there are no 'normal' ppl to troll. Unless you find out a way / system / age filer / iq filer or whatever, you will lose all the rational and 20+,25+ etc players. Match 10 year olds with 14 year olds, 20s with 20-25s. trolling and continous reports against one player should be heavily punished. Ranked disabled for ppl with low mmr or multiple reports ( 2-3 per day in different games from different players) So sad to play even with /mute all. even when trying to politely help or give one advice, all goes toxic and monkey island in the game. Example : X : pls ward the bush so you can see when jungler comes to gank . y : mind your own business noob ---- 1 min later, jungler ganks, kills Y . Y : report our jungler,no gank. And this is just a minor example( bumped into head bc it happened last game) . Please, for the love of the sane community, do something or you are pushing us to quit. slowly and securely.
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