The aram community

So lately I've been playing a lot of aram. Trying out builds there, just slacking around, watching other people's behaviour. And what I've experienced is that the community in aram isn't that much better than the ranked community. To summarize everything, people in aram can be as salty as those in ranked. You try out a build, some teammates spam pings at you. The people who say: ''it's just an aram, who cares'' when they are doing bad are the same people that are salty af when you do bad as well. For example, when I get GP (like last game), I go ap. And I actually did quite well. The whole team turned salty when they all died. GP's ult is very powerful when you go full ap (ludens, liandrys, rabadons). Sometimes I do trollbuilds, heck, sometimes I even afk for like 2 minutes. I just love to watch my team go bananas at me, just because they don't possess the mentality to solo carry a game or to try to make something out of a 4v5 when I'm not there to help my team out. But hey, soon, very soon I am honor level 3 and all those ''pls carry me in aram or I flame at you and I will report you so you will get banned'' mentality players will get their 10th perma sooner or later and I will smile down the aram bridge :)
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