A rant about the Leaver Buster

I wanted to complain about the Leaver Buster. The damn thing punishes everyone indiscriminately. You intentionally left the game and never came back? Busted. You left for 5 minutes and came back to complete the game? Busted. Doesn't matter if you leave for a bit and then come back, you're flagged as a deserter by the system. Here's a post game screenshot of my recent game. https://i.imgur.com/gSTmyIE.jpg Notice the Pyke on our team with a K Y S (kill yourself) club tag and an intentionally feeding Caitlyn. Neither of those will ever get banned unless they decide to flame excessively or start leaving games (because apparently that's the biggest issue in this game). I had to leave the game at around 5~ minutes. I was afk for 6 and a half minutes and reconnected to the game at 12 minutes (30 seconds was the downtime while reconnecting). From there, I spend another 20 minutes playing the game correctly until it was over and we won. That's 25 minutes out of total 32 that I spent in game playing. I was very close to others in gold, experience and stats. You'd think that the system would add these things into the equation before you're struck with a punishment, right? Apparently not. Right now there's absolutely no incentive to come back into the game. None. You have to leave? Consider that game lost. You're not getting anything out of it. Well *technically*, I did get 2 honor points but I don't know if those ones would even get counted because it's a "leaver" game. You get treated like the scum who actually throw the games by rage quitting and it's awful. It's been like this for a long time and I wonder if you'll ever deal with this issue. I certainly hope that you will because this is unacceptable. Rant over. P.S. I really hate Master Yi.
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