An honest question.

So here's the thing. This is not your classic "x-y flamed me, I flamed back and got reported thread" , calm down. I never got punished, but I encountered a pretty funny/sad situation today. So I'm playin ARURF right? And this guy towerdives me 1v2 (we were 2), and dies obviously, it seemed to me like he was running it down due to the frustration buildup or something....anyway I dared to type the classic "YIKES" as he died. "What happens next will shock you" - as in the clickbait commercials. He started havin' a stroke, foaming out of his mouth, spewing all kinds of gibberish in multiple alien languages , long story short, he threatened me with a report. So here's the age old question : If somebody does something funky, like run it down mid funky, can "YIKES" be considered as offensive? Same situation, can the use of the famous "?" , be considered as banter/flaming ? Share your stories, knowledge. With kind regards, A not-really toxic summoner.
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