[Controversial topic] Why perma bans and not perma mutes?

Starting it off with yes im toxic, move past that because I'm fairly confident this point is logical. I've had a few accounts permanently banned now for the same type of thing, get into an argument with someone and then proceed to be too aggressive and swear a lot... Never once have I resorted to racism, homophobic comments etc, just good old trash talk. This being the case obviously being a repeat 'offender' I get banned faster or so I assume thats the case, the question I'm asking is why do you get permanently banned on your account for what you say rather than just implementing a permanent mute? The counter argument is probably just straight up 'people like you ruin the community you deserve it' but unless you've actually lost an account you don't know how much of a harsh punishment it is just for talking sh*t... If a rito member gets to this post, please considering at least polling an update for perma mutes over bans, I think its way too harsh a punishment for the crime personally.
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