Once again... Don't say SHT to a troller. At the end of the day, you're the only one punished.

Just, another story. This game is a mess and this automated ban system is even worse. I start my ranked game, and ofc, i'm playing ranked so I worry about my team. I decide to op.gg them all, and i found this guy having a 10% winrate in 10+ games. He been playing like Ashe & morgana TOP lane and feeding as bad as he can. I ask him if he's trolling. ( I guess i'm flaming) This botlane start argueing with each other before i even talk, they were already 0/6 at 6 mins ( normal right? ) Then they just let enemy roam, and i ask for they attention! (Flaming right?) Then my adc comes to my lane (mid) because he says his support doesnt ward. I tell my mates to report him, so maybe he can go back to his lane (Flaming right?) This ADC dies 3 times in my own lane, destroyed my advantage of 3/0. After that, its just my HUMAN BEING to someone who DOESNT CARE about RANKED GAMES. At the end of the day, its me getting 14 days ban. Why the fk do you even have 'RANKED' games?! This game is a mess, i'm so glad you're losing against other big games. Once you notice that, it will be too late. Game 1 Pre-Game Yasuð: heyº Yasuð: Icarusc Yasuð: are you a troller? Yasuð: Your stats are weird In-Game Yasuð: u mad bru Yasuð: omfg wtf? Yasuð: that last turrent hit wtf Yasuð: can u ping noobs? Yasuð: am I asking 2 much? Yasuð: report this bot Yasuð: this bot Yasuð: is making me lose my lane Yasuð: and the game Yasuð: shut up dude Yasuð: go to ur lane Yasuð: and play ur game Yasuð: report this jhin Yasuð: please Yasuð: report jhin Yasuð: he's trolling flaming and initing Yasuð: guys i'm dominating mid Yasuð: i dont need ur help Yasuð: push ur lanes Yasuð: or i cant bully akali Yasuð: .... Yasuð: we have no adc Yasuð: 4v5 Yasuð: gg Yasuð: report jhin Yasuð: ruined the entire game Yasuð: pls report jhin Yasuð: he trolled this game so hard Yasuð: gg Yasuð: wp Yasuð: omg Yasuð: that chase Yasuð: LOL Yasuð: and no baron ok Yasuð: u talk about warding Yasuð: its free the upgrade Yasuð: and use it. Yasuð: utility: 0 Yasuð: Janna he flamed you early game Yasuð: and its because of you 2 he came mid and ruined my lane Yasuð: its because of u2 lack of map wareness that pyke roams Yasuð: what are you talking about?! Yasuð: shut up... Yasuð: 0 objectives focus Yasuð: all chasing Yasuð: save my time Yasuð: gg Yasuð: report jhin Yasuð: rep jhin gg Yasuð: still my kda is positive Yasuð: noob Post-Game Yasuð: you were 1/4 akali Yasuð: wtf u talking about Yasuð: get carried Yasuð: i destroyed you Yasuð: thank to jhin gave the game for you,. Yasuð: poor bronze boosted Yasuð: jhin Yasuð: did same dmg Yasuð: as janna Yasuð: yy Yasuð: go duo with him Yasuð: i'll own you all Yasuð: free lp Yasuð: cya noob
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