Face the truth

i keep hearing those claims in this board that riot gives permabans because they don't want toxic players playing the game, and that permabans should be as it says "permanent" and yet its so obvious that permanent bans are mostly given in order to make you start over, open a new account and invest money on it (boosts, skins, champions). the proof lies in riot employed answers when you ask for explains or try lift your ban i am quoting: "Take care and good luck in your future endeavors" "best of luck on the field" " If you want to continue with League, the best thing to do is to create a fresh account and start a new" "In order for you to avoid these kind of experiences in the future I could suggest that you should try to ignore when players are starting to flame at you or other players" is that sound to you like they don't accept my toxic behavior in their game or if they try making me start over?
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