Leaver even after coming back

Hi everyone, I was wondering if league ever looked into the leaver feature and if there was a way to improve that. I was playing a ranked game and sadly my pc froze during the match. My screen went black and my fans started to blow real hard. It's clean on the inside so I fear it is my motherboard. Anyway, that's not what this topic is about. Our team did really well even with my absence. It took me between 5-10 minutes to return because of my potato pc, but after returning I continued to help my team win the fight. We managed to win and even when I came back to help win the fight, I still got a leaver game. I understand that league does that so rage quitters can't abuse the system, but I was wondering if there was a way to solve that issue. Either way, I won't play league anymore until my pc issue is resolved, I don't want people to fight 4v5 because I have a bad pc... but yeah, I know more people have this problem... and I thought perhaps this was a good topic to discuss.
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