The banning system is a joke (again)

First of all, goodbye, I'm leaving this game, I've had more that enough and I don't care about it anymore. I was unfairly banned 14 days for flaming in 2 games (nothing serious, no threats) and when I came back I improved my behaviour. And still, I've been permabanned, this time because of one game only and it's beyond ridiculous. At most, there's one message that could be considered flaming and still I find it ludicrous that my account is permabanned because of this single game. Here's the complete transcript of messages in that game: * I was playing bot, so when I say "this bot" I mean their bot, I'm not complaining about ours * Game 1 In-Game TunnelVisionxD: Good luck have fun TunnelVisionxD: HelloMyFriend TunnelVisionxD: i know my friend TunnelVisionxD: same, %%%%% TunnelVisionxD: bro* TunnelVisionxD: who's talking to you banana TunnelVisionxD: np yi will carry TunnelVisionxD: bruh TunnelVisionxD: shut up TunnelVisionxD: I'm idiot TunnelVisionxD: why are they lvl 6 and we arent... TunnelVisionxD: STFU TunnelVisionxD: are you %%%%in blaming us? TunnelVisionxD: mb TunnelVisionxD: this TunnelVisionxD: yi reported for whinning and flaming TunnelVisionxD: and evidently silver elo TunnelVisionxD: how are you in plat TunnelVisionxD: is this guy blaming me again TunnelVisionxD: ok muted and report TunnelVisionxD: I hope you do the same, team TunnelVisionxD: report him for flaming pls TunnelVisionxD: dont talk to him TunnelVisionxD: just report him TunnelVisionxD: terrible game TunnelVisionxD: report yi x9 pls TunnelVisionxD: really toxic TunnelVisionxD: ? TunnelVisionxD: BG Goodbye, guys and have fun in the game.
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