One of the many reasons your Jungler hates you

If you get a weak early game jungler on your team, or the enemy picks Shaco with Ignite or really strong early, chances are your jungler is going to get invaded. Be a nice person a place a ward on the entrance, will save you tons of frustration and potentially the game. Example: I do from time to time play Leona jungle. Tried it in normals, works ok, surprise picks. Asked for my mid and bot to ward the river. No response. Got invaded, ping ping ping 0 response what so ever. We are purple, started on blue side, died close to bot tower, 0 reaction from my bot. Why? You picked Leona jungle, not their problem. Asked for top ward on my red since it is 100% going to get invaded. Went there, got invaded, on the clock 24 seconds of ongoing kiting, pinging, asking for assistance. 0 response. Mid got ganked and flamed me because I fed their jungler. Well enjoy your loss after I most graciously press alt+f4 and got fetch me some yogurt for my nerves. TLDR: If you are complaining that you aren't climbing, and pull of shit like that, belong even lower. Take care of your jungler so they can take care of you.
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