Only when you see it with your own eyes, do you realize

what a single word that took 5 seconds to type, does to a person. Lately, i have only been playing games with people who are my friends, people close to me and dear to me. In those games we try our best to win of course, but mostly strive to have fun and mess around even when we missplay. We are all usually just chatting away and laughing, but then comes a moment, in this game, where even if you are safe from your own team salting you, there is always the enemy team. It was just another game, but we were getting pretty stomped, like.. Hard. The mood did go a bit down, but we still managed to keep our spirits up, encouraging eachother and whatnot. But then at some point one of us managed to get a kill on the enemy team's best player, to which we were all pretty happy as you can imagine. But.. The enemy player was not very happy about it u.u Thus they had this need to vent on the person who got the kill, by throwing a random insult at them, to which they unfortunately managed to relate themselves to, even if it is not true, even if it is far from true, they took a meaning out of it and took it to heart. None of us noticed at that exact moment, but that insult had a greater effect than it was suppouse to. Even i noticed only after talking to them after game, seeing something was wrong, i couldn't do anything to convince them not to listen to what a random salty guy has to say in a game. But the damage was already done, and i honestly never felt as powerless than at that very moment, seeing someone i care about, only sink deeper while i can only try to help but fail miserably. The most frustrating part is, that you know that person, how they really are and how great they are, yet they can't see it for themselves. They just can't see it, and whatever you try, it simply does not work. So you just sit there, mad and sad at the same time, being completely and utterly powerless, just being able to be there for them, if nothing else, but that feeling sucks. A lot. Seeing someone you know as a happy and bright person, revert to that state, is simply put horrible. It iterally took 5 seconds or less, to type out that one insult, but.. The effect that word had lasted way, way longer.. So uhm.. This is not one of the, try not to flame be good etc. posts. It's just.. I want you guys to try, relate, to try to think about, how someone you knew or cared about would feel, if they could relate to an insult, or are just generally more sensitive and don't take to flame well. Before you get mad at someone for a missplay or a missclick, try to think, what if that someone was close to you? I know it is an abstract concept, but i hope you guys can understand what i am aiming at. I know how easy it is to get annoyed at someone in this game, but for those 5 seconds you type an insult or a bit of flame, maybe it is wiser to use them to ward more, or ping a lane, or ping dragon.. Or anything really. Well that is that from me ^^' Just felt like sharing with you guys :3 Good luck on the rift and marry snowdown {{summoner:31}}
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