I want justice

I want justice, I want NB3 to get banned for insulting people like I DID WHEN I WAS TOXIC . I WANT NUBRAC TO BE UNBANNED . IF NO THEN UNBAN EVERYONE WHO GOT BANNED FOR TOXICITY AND BAN EVERYONE WHO PLAYS EKKO JUNGLE! I just want to understand where are these people who just say "The game is just for fun. You shouldn't ve a metaslave all the time". Show yourself now . And people who are against toxicity, show yourself here too. Write threads about it. all other boards are full of that. Riot should fix their systems. NA is full of that . We're part of EU server . We aren't trash. We should talk too. Everyone isn't talking about it but its real. Riot banned someone for nothing and let someone be free on being toxic . Look at [NA Boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/), everyone is talking about it . Plus, this is a chance for us to prove that Riot's systems is shit. People getting banned everyday for being toxic and that NB is showing it everywhere. [He even tweeted that everyone who doesn't agree with him is braindamaged ](https://twitter.com/Nightbloo/status/1139616858481414144). But still, Riot don't care. #FREE_NUBRAC #JUSTICE {{champion:86}}
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