Smurfing and buying level 30 unranked accounts

Important disclaimer: Riot is fine with people smurfing, this isn't what the discussion is about! Thinking of playing ranked on a smurf myself, I considered the currently only legal way to get a smurf account, by leveling. That however is obviously very time consuming and also not fun as you are playing with players who have no idea how to play the game whatsoever but on the other hand also get stomped by smurfs (like you). Therefore, the leveling experience for a smurf and for the actual newbs isn't much of a learning or fun experience at all, but much more a grind or troll party. Basically, you as an experienced player have to play what is a 30 level tutorial which takes tens of hours before you can play the actual game. As a result, I'd like to suggest that Riot themselves sell unranked level 30 accounts (for a moderate price, cf. MMORPGs and their system of selling max rank characters) to all players who already have a ranked account. Note that "unranked" and "already own a ranked account" are especially important here since I am in no means talking about giving people the opportunity to buy ranked accounts from each other or noobs to immediately level their account up to 30. The sole purpose of this feature is to legalise the buying of level 30 unranked accounts to supersede other 3d party botting sites while simultaneosly making the new player experience (till level 30) much more enjoyable and the smurfing much easier and less frustrating. Furthermore, by having the condition of an existing ranked account, people would need to "link" their main acount to their smurf account since they have to a buy the smurf from their main one. By doing that, they open themselves up for punishment as in contrast to previous, seperated smurf accounts, the main account could now also be punished if the player trolls or afks on his smurf, leading to a more serious environment and more enjoyble games when playing with smurfs as many of them tend to feed or troll if the game goes downhill at the start. People would play as serious or nearly as serious on their smurfs as they would on their main account, reducing toxicity and unsportsmanlike behaviour. In conclusion, Riot selling level 30 unranked accounts to players who already own a ranked account would supersede illegal and shady dealers and make the game for both the smurfs and their teammates far more enjoyable while also giving Riot the opportunity to make a little bit more money. I am interested in what other players (both ranked and unranked, maxrank and below level 30, high and low elo) would think of such suggestion, so be sure to vote in the poll below (remember, not voting is almost never a good idea since you will be affected by the consequences anyway! *cough* Trump *cough*) and share your thoughts!
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