Permabanned for true thinks

This is why League of low elo shitty players never escape from silver or bronze. Meta is crazy, adc's are bad, for example strong combo is brand +rakan but whatever... I got 2 bans for 14 days for flame. Ofc i can't type to ally "u are bad" or something cuz rito is turbotolerance for idiots. Low elo players don't understand what is meta, why bot positions often pick tp, they know nothing.. and what? and flame.. They can int a game so hard, and i cant speak dont feed cuz i will get ban. Rito probably dont watch games and did not see whats happened in game. They see oh he is toxic ban him! But maybe check why he is toxic? Maybe this random ppl inting? Nooo, perma ban him! Ban for inting? only when 0/20 in 15 min game.. thats sad... i never back to this game cuz ppl dont understand how this game is changing and when u want climb u need to change ur gameplay also.
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