Ok so how is this fair

Game 1 ConfidentXAPitch: Make sure to report Nocturne for instalocking and not calling the role ConfidentXAPitch: Thank you ConfidentXAPitch: Why not pull me? ConfidentXAPitch: I am not trolling ConfidentXAPitch: You are ConfidentXAPitch: I am not trolling ConfidentXAPitch: You didn't call your role ConfidentXAPitch: You instalocked ConfidentXAPitch: How am I trolling? ConfidentXAPitch: I am having fun ConfidentXAPitch: Ok ConfidentXAPitch: Just rep Noc pls ConfidentXAPitch: Pls help me out Sivir ConfidentXAPitch: Thank you so much ConfidentXAPitch: When I hit 3 gonna gank bot ConfidentXAPitch: Do you children ConfidentXAPitch: Know the difference ConfidentXAPitch: Between ConfidentXAPitch: Trolling ConfidentXAPitch: And ConfidentXAPitch: Trying something new ConfidentXAPitch: And fresh ConfidentXAPitch: bcs guess what that's what normals are for ConfidentXAPitch: HAVING FUN ConfidentXAPitch: Now leave me alone ConfidentXAPitch: Ok listen what you're gonna do ConfidentXAPitch: You're gonna ConfidentXAPitch: Go to forums ConfidentXAPitch: And ask riot ConfidentXAPitch: If it's ok to play Ziggs jungle ConfidentXAPitch: on normals ConfidentXAPitch: You didn't bother calling a role ConfidentXAPitch: You instalocked ConfidentXAPitch: And ConfidentXAPitch: You call me a troll> ConfidentXAPitch: Jesus ConfidentXAPitch: Yea Sivir did it ConfidentXAPitch: Bcs she knows I'm not trolling ConfidentXAPitch: Idk explain to me ConfidentXAPitch: How is a 0/4 Noc with 10 cs ConfidentXAPitch: Not a troll ConfidentXAPitch: Stop trying ConfidentXAPitch: Stop following me around try to do something useful ConfidentXAPitch: Gj Sivir ConfidentXAPitch: -.- ConfidentXAPitch: No bother explaining to these ppl that I did nothing wrong ConfidentXAPitch: Then don't play ConfidentXAPitch: Srsly ConfidentXAPitch: And you invoke such attidute in ppl ConfidentXAPitch: With your constant caps and flame ConfidentXAPitch: Jebi se i ti ConfidentXAPitch: Imam i ja maternji ConfidentXAPitch: Seljanko ConfidentXAPitch: Ribo odjebi ConfidentXAPitch: Tbh you stole both her xp and cs ConfidentXAPitch: Since when is being a Naruto fan something to be ashamed of? ConfidentXAPitch: You do realize ConfidentXAPitch: That you left Sivir alone at bot ConfidentXAPitch: And destroyed any chances of mid winning the lane ConfidentXAPitch: You won't rep him ConfidentXAPitch: BVcs ConfidentXAPitch: he played nice in a game with you? ConfidentXAPitch: That's unclear judgement ConfidentXAPitch: And the reason your reports shouldn't be taken seriously ConfidentXAPitch: What Noc said is partially true ConfidentXAPitch: But you trolled this game bcs you wanted to ConfidentXAPitch: I mean don't listen to lb ConfidentXAPitch: Pls ConfidentXAPitch: Lb getting perma chat ban hopefully ConfidentXAPitch: Noc getting banned on this acc hopefully ConfidentXAPitch: I was toxic? ConfidentXAPitch: give me an instance ConfidentXAPitch: When I said anythng offensive ConfidentXAPitch: That wasn't objective ConfidentXAPitch: So Teemo? ConfidentXAPitch: Making me look better is not being toxic ConfidentXAPitch: So please ConfidentXAPitch: Stop accusing me ConfidentXAPitch: When I did nothing wrong ConfidentXAPitch: Not even gonna bother anymore ConfidentXAPitch: LOL ConfidentXAPitch: Not gonna let go of something that I desrve ConfidentXAPitch: To play ConfidentXAPitch: And something Game 2 ConfidentXAPitch: Exactly ConfidentXAPitch: A very unusal game ConfidentXAPitch: Where we have an Ashe, Gangplank and Zilean support ConfidentXAPitch: Trilane ConfidentXAPitch: Wohoo ConfidentXAPitch: This is stupid ConfidentXAPitch: All of you ConfidentXAPitch: Stop flaming eachother ConfidentXAPitch: And play ConfidentXAPitch: You are killing my focus ConfidentXAPitch: That is already ow ConfidentXAPitch: low* ConfidentXAPitch: Can you both ConfidentXAPitch: Keep quiet ConfidentXAPitch: You are acomplishing ConfidentXAPitch: Nothing ConfidentXAPitch: Literally ConfidentXAPitch: By blaming ConfidentXAPitch: Eachother ConfidentXAPitch: So pls stop ConfidentXAPitch: You are ConfidentXAPitch: An idiot ConfidentXAPitch: No help now ConfidentXAPitch: Die ConfidentXAPitch: Please do me a favor ConfidentXAPitch: And report ConfidentXAPitch: Riven and gangplank ConfidentXAPitch: Thank you ConfidentXAPitch: Go away ConfidentXAPitch: I don't know ConfidentXAPitch: Why are you trolling now ConfidentXAPitch: Who are you talking to? ConfidentXAPitch: Great ConfidentXAPitch: Watch how much ConfidentXAPitch: I give ConfidentXAPitch: About this convo ConfidentXAPitch: . ConfidentXAPitch: You are just another rage kid that likes to flame every1 ConfidentXAPitch: Rly not gonna waste my time on you ConfidentXAPitch: Gp can I ask you what are you doing? ConfidentXAPitch: Who is flaming besides you? ConfidentXAPitch: Literally ConfidentXAPitch: Just asked him ConfidentXAPitch: Why is he trolling ConfidentXAPitch: Muted ConfidentXAPitch: Don't know why are you trying to make me feel bad ConfidentXAPitch: Cuz I won't ConfidentXAPitch: I am not the one who insulted our entire team ConfidentXAPitch: And is not stopping ConfidentXAPitch: Yea ConfidentXAPitch: I am having a bad game ConfidentXAPitch: You gave my mid laner a kill ConfidentXAPitch: And our entire team is doing bad ConfidentXAPitch: I said I am hacing a bad game ConfidentXAPitch: Idk do you feel good when you tell us that we suck and insult us, me in particular? ConfidentXAPitch: You are talking even more ConfidentXAPitch: Atleast I am saying something meaningful ConfidentXAPitch: Unlike you ConfidentXAPitch: You are just waiting for an opportunity to trash us ConfidentXAPitch: Muting you for real this time not gonna waste my time on some1 like you ConfidentXAPitch: There you start an argument I win it and you tell me to shut up ConfidentXAPitch: bg ConfidentXAPitch: Rep riven Game 3 ConfidentXAPitch: Thanks babiess ConfidentXAPitch: Why didn't I level up tho ConfidentXAPitch: Oh shit ConfidentXAPitch: Were you 2 in the xp range? ConfidentXAPitch: If so then ConfidentXAPitch: Oh ConfidentXAPitch: I didn't get items ConfidentXAPitch: LOL ConfidentXAPitch: She's gonna come ConfidentXAPitch: Don't ConfidentXAPitch: Wanna save it for ganks ConfidentXAPitch: Okay thanks honey ConfidentXAPitch: %%%% ConfidentXAPitch: Forgot about the shitty yorlde ConfidentXAPitch: yordle* ConfidentXAPitch: WTF ConfidentXAPitch: IS THIS BULLSHIT ConfidentXAPitch: HOW IS SHE LEVEL 7 ConfidentXAPitch: WHAT IS THIS ConfidentXAPitch: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ConfidentXAPitch: All of you ConfidentXAPitch: Stop pushing ConfidentXAPitch: I ened to gank ConfidentXAPitch: I am lvl 5 ConfidentXAPitch: and have no buffs ConfidentXAPitch: Report your Eve for having a %%%%ing GPS on me ConfidentXAPitch: I need some1 ConfidentXAPitch: To constantly go with me ConfidentXAPitch: So when we find Eve ConfidentXAPitch: WE can kill her ConfidentXAPitch: feed* ConfidentXAPitch: Yea I;m doing real bad this game ConfidentXAPitch: #sorryfolks ConfidentXAPitch: Jax sto pushing ConfidentXAPitch: You will just get babysitted ConfidentXAPitch: Some1 come with me ConfidentXAPitch: Blue is here ConfidentXAPitch: And so is Eve ConfidentXAPitch: HOW ConfidentXAPitch: IS THIS ConfidentXAPitch: POSSIBLE ConfidentXAPitch: EXPLAIN ConfidentXAPitch: TO ME ConfidentXAPitch: Listen ConfidentXAPitch: You go push ConfidentXAPitch: I'll stay there in cover ConfidentXAPitch: And then boom ConfidentXAPitch: %%%%fest ConfidentXAPitch: What are you complaining about? ConfidentXAPitch: Sivir is 11/3 ConfidentXAPitch: And they have no towers ConfidentXAPitch: taken ConfidentXAPitch: You can stop being toxic ConfidentXAPitch: You are not helping ConfidentXAPitch: Ikr ConfidentXAPitch: Gonna rep him after game ConfidentXAPitch: Not a smart idea ConfidentXAPitch: How is she lvl 12\ ConfidentXAPitch: Good Looooooooooooord ConfidentXAPitch: WHAT ConfidentXAPitch: no idea how did you do that ConfidentXAPitch: But ConfidentXAPitch: G ConfidentXAPitch: j ConfidentXAPitch: You mean our Karma? ConfidentXAPitch: Guess you didn't mute me after all ConfidentXAPitch: Annie thinks so too ConfidentXAPitch: Did I ever call out any of you ConfidentXAPitch: As being the reason she kills me? ConfidentXAPitch: No I didn't ConfidentXAPitch: Bcs I wasn't flaming ConfidentXAPitch: You were ConfidentXAPitch: When you said ffa t 20 throwers mid and jgl ConfidentXAPitch: And then you trashtalked us some more ConfidentXAPitch: And then you "muted" us ConfidentXAPitch: <sigh> ConfidentXAPitch: Just rep her ConfidentXAPitch: :( ConfidentXAPitch: Yea ConfidentXAPitch: That happened to me aswell ConfidentXAPitch: A while ago ConfidentXAPitch: Sivir ConfidentXAPitch: Full ConfidentXAPitch: Build ConfidentXAPitch: ? ConfidentXAPitch: failed it ConfidentXAPitch: Ok stop pinging ConfidentXAPitch: I can see that you enjoy watching me die ConfidentXAPitch: But you don't have to spam pings ConfidentXAPitch: OVer my corps ConfidentXAPitch: y ConfidentXAPitch: Ty* ConfidentXAPitch: So? ConfidentXAPitch: sorry that my top mid and bot ConfidentXAPitch: Are better than yours ConfidentXAPitch: Srsly ConfidentXAPitch: gg Ok so pls explain to me what did I do wrong in games 1 and 3 ( in the second one, okay I was toxic with the line "Die" and "You're an idiot").How is teaching other players that flaming brings them no good toxic? Why are the reports from game 1 and 3 even taken seriously? Because do you know who reported me those games? The people that I tried to advise not to flame...Riot you are not even bothering to use logic I've never had this problem in any other MOBAs (I've played Dota, Hots and Smite) where I got reported because I never got a ban.I'll admit in game 2 I got really pissed because a player was really rude to our whole team and I've told him not to flame. I guess you sum up toxicity as player behaivor that is not "nice". Sorry if I am being too honest with ppl and telling them not to be rude and flame seriously this is a really bad joke...
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