Edit: I am done replying to unintelligent comments of people not even reading the post, thankyou and have a nice evening. Edit: PEOPLE SEEM TO NOT FATHOM THE POINT OF THIS POST, I AM ASKING, IF THE BEHAVIOUR IN THIS CHATLOG IS PERMABAN WORTHY. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT PAST GAMES, THANKYOU FOR NOT BEING NOT NORMAL So, i was just punished with a permanent ban after playing this game since season 2. replay: Basically the yasuo ban got me permabanned, if you wish to look even further into it, press view replay and copy paste it into your CMD prompt. Now, I do realize i was being toxic in this game, but i do not fathom how this is punished with a permanent ban. My team was basically saying report Yasou for feeding, when our team composition was full AD which allowed Malphite to build full armor. I was ganked 4 times early and that basically sealed the deal - yes indeed a very bad game, but u can watch the replay and see, that i was definitely not intentionally feeding. So why was i intentionally banned? I was in the wrong yes, but was i really that much in the wrong, that this ONE game was perma-ban worthy? I personally don't think so, what do you think? If it was up to me, i'd rather get punished with a permanent chat restriction. Chatlog: DJ Grum: ryyy u always cryin DJ Grum: graves f DJ Grum: always the difference in jungler that makes it DJ Grum: i did DJ Grum: ye ff 20? DJ Grum: im done DJ Grum: GG graves ^^ DJ Grum: ping one more time DJ Grum: and im suiciding DJ Grum: ok nami muted too DJ Grum: difference in jungler is mad DJ Grum: :p DJ Grum: cant win counter lane with this camp DJ Grum: Wp varus DJ Grum: hahahahahah DJ Grum: XD DJ Grum: I love having to play 1 game each month to not go inactive :D DJ Grum: NOW U COME TOP XD DJ Grum: just stay away DJ Grum: ur 10 minutes late DJ Grum: dont even bother DJ Grum: he has 200 armor now DJ Grum: U dont gank DJ Grum: malph late DJ Grum: u gank him early DJ Grum: even silvers know this :P DJ Grum: ye DJ Grum: nothing i can do DJ Grum: i got ganked 4 times and then it was over DJ Grum: ofcourse xD DJ Grum: fun game DJ Grum: playing 1v2 is always fun :D DJ Grum: are u trying to tilt me or something? xD DJ Grum: Im only playing 1 game bro and u already won :d DJ Grum: XD DJ Grum: idk why u didnt get knocked up though DJ Grum: I hit u with knock up DJ Grum: I knew which one was the real one DJ Grum: huh? DJ Grum: The knock up DJ Grum: what DJ Grum: rofl DJ Grum: wow DJ Grum: :( DJ Grum: f ez DJ Grum: XD DJ Grum: just do baron and i push bot DJ Grum: wp team DJ Grum: XD DJ Grum: Khazix DJ Grum: if only kha would follow up ^^ DJ Grum: I get camped all game with 0 help DJ Grum: report me DJ Grum: in a counter lane DJ Grum: ur supposed to gank malph pre-6 DJ Grum: kha comes when malph is level 11 DJ Grum: I let him do what? Gank me? DJ Grum: I have no choice, i need to kill malph early DJ Grum: or its over DJ Grum: I have no choice but to play aggro DJ Grum: but ur simple brain cant fathom this DJ Grum: Im not blaming u DJ Grum: im explaining why i lost DJ Grum: I cant beat malph 1v1 if i get ganked early DJ Grum: Its not possible DJ Grum: hahaha DJ Grum: did u just auto while knocked up Oo DJ Grum: gg wp ^^
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