14 day suspension

Yesterday i got a 14-Day Suspension and i honestly have no idea why. First of i will say these were hard games and things might have gotten a little heated in the team chat. But I wouldnt say that I in any way flamed anyone. There might have been a few negative comments overall, but nothing personal. I just want to know if this suspension was fair, since there was no personal flame but only slightly negative comments in a heated game? Game 1 Pre-Game TrollMikeXD: zed :) TrollMikeXD: or lb:) TrollMikeXD: azir vs yorick TrollMikeXD: gl ^^ In-Game TrollMikeXD: yup TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: will be hard game TrollMikeXD: couldnt do any TrollMikeXD: he is to fed TrollMikeXD: cover TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: lol TrollMikeXD: the jgl diff tho^^ TrollMikeXD: yup TrollMikeXD: the jgl diff^^ TrollMikeXD: yea TrollMikeXD: but will be hard TrollMikeXD: well elise u did nothing so far TrollMikeXD: so shhh TrollMikeXD: report this elise ty TrollMikeXD: trolling TrollMikeXD: or useless...report w/e TrollMikeXD: wp TrollMikeXD: this elise hard tilt me TrollMikeXD: well its not just the things she write TrollMikeXD: its her zero game knowledge that bothers me TrollMikeXD: u are just muted and reported elise TrollMikeXD: not really TrollMikeXD: imagine we had a jgl^^ TrollMikeXD: just 9x elise ty TrollMikeXD: hard troling and flame TrollMikeXD: just ff and next TrollMikeXD: and rep elise TrollMikeXD: ok then I afk farm TrollMikeXD: bgwp TrollMikeXD: 9x elise ty Post-Game TrollMikeXD: wpp all except elise TrollMikeXD: hardtroll and flame TrollMikeXD: u did nothing this game but farm TrollMikeXD: enjoy your rep Game 2 In-Game TrollMikeXD: j4 bot side TrollMikeXD: lucky rat TrollMikeXD: jax on my team 0/2:) on enemy team 10/0 always lmao TrollMikeXD: chill babe^^ TrollMikeXD: its just how it is TrollMikeXD: gj feeding him TrollMikeXD: game over TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: really jax???? TrollMikeXD: srsly TrollMikeXD: was on base dude TrollMikeXD: the jgl and mid diff to big TrollMikeXD: just ff TrollMikeXD: 11/2 TrollMikeXD: mid jgl prems? TrollMikeXD: 0/6 jax :D TrollMikeXD: u mean feeded^^ TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: this troll jax lmao TrollMikeXD: report jax for inting ty TrollMikeXD: sry cant help myself TrollMikeXD: 0/6 isnt lucky TrollMikeXD: thats bad TrollMikeXD: no more words from me TrollMikeXD: its lost long ago mate^^ TrollMikeXD: I did lmao TrollMikeXD: and he killed u all TrollMikeXD: no we cant lmao TrollMikeXD: we got no jgl TrollMikeXD: affraid to enter jgl TrollMikeXD: = death TrollMikeXD: what u dont get its over nomatter what TrollMikeXD: ggwp TrollMikeXD: just end this pls TrollMikeXD: ofc TrollMikeXD: nope TrollMikeXD: yas j4 lulu and twicth^^ TrollMikeXD: game over TrollMikeXD: at 5 min^^ TrollMikeXD: ok TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: nope TrollMikeXD: gj TrollMikeXD: bgwp TrollMikeXD: rep jax inting ty Post-Game TrollMikeXD: wp cait TrollMikeXD: rest TrollMikeXD: hmm TrollMikeXD: I was not TrollMikeXD: just stating facts^^ TrollMikeXD: what bad words did I use? TrollMikeXD: other than ff pls' TrollMikeXD: and jgl diff? TrollMikeXD: ok^^ TrollMikeXD: jax on my team 0/22222 TrollMikeXD: jax on enemy team77777= TrollMikeXD: as usuall TrollMikeXD: look his stats mate TrollMikeXD: opgg TrollMikeXD: he is just really bad TrollMikeXD: I mean TrollMikeXD: U can have a bad game TrollMikeXD: or make a bad call TrollMikeXD: but this TrollMikeXD: was elo boosted TrollMikeXD: 4 real TrollMikeXD: well TrollMikeXD: he didnt get there by himself TrollMikeXD: thats for sure TrollMikeXD: and its silver lamo TrollMikeXD: ah well TrollMikeXD: u 2
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