before to copy the 2 text i wanna say a thing, when i got the 14 days ban i got really depressed and spent days thinking about my behavior ,the prove is that i reached level 1 of honor. Game 1 In-Game LanaBananaAHS: dont pls LanaBananaAHS: if thats the thanks ill no more help LanaBananaAHS: ? LanaBananaAHS: wp LanaBananaAHS: annie press the frekin R LanaBananaAHS: 2v1 2 ulti really pros+ LanaBananaAHS: why my team is still mid? LanaBananaAHS: report ahri and jinx ty LanaBananaAHS: i hope u report jinx LanaBananaAHS: 0/8 LanaBananaAHS: she dont even trying LanaBananaAHS: im dying cuz u fed LanaBananaAHS: im dying cuz you are fed LanaBananaAHS: and i did my jop getitng babysitte dby kayn LanaBananaAHS: and your other 8 kills are form her LanaBananaAHS: ., LanaBananaAHS: ahri LanaBananaAHS: U LanaBananaAHS: flaming LanaBananaAHS: ME LanaBananaAHS: stfu LanaBananaAHS: vayne LanaBananaAHS: jinx is inting LanaBananaAHS: and u protecting her LanaBananaAHS: u look italians that protect %%%%%%s LanaBananaAHS: and %%%%%%s are vilenting womens LanaBananaAHS: im not LanaBananaAHS: ask darius i freking didnt Game 2 Pre-Game LanaBananaAHS: lb or akali? LanaBananaAHS: got 111 k on her LanaBananaAHS: yasuo top In-Game LanaBananaAHS: first time leblanc LanaBananaAHS: wp LanaBananaAHS: u too LanaBananaAHS: I HAVE A QUESTION LanaBananaAHS: why blitz got 3 kills? LanaBananaAHS: lol LanaBananaAHS: u are bad ppl LanaBananaAHS: blitz and yasuo combo is a bad thing LanaBananaAHS: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH LanaBananaAHS: i did it LanaBananaAHS: im happy LanaBananaAHS: ty u too LanaBananaAHS: jhin why u saying that LanaBananaAHS: ita? LanaBananaAHS: how u knew LanaBananaAHS: i have 3 more kills LanaBananaAHS: now u will see what happen if i wanna win LanaBananaAHS: U suck LanaBananaAHS: i got 111k on lb LanaBananaAHS: u are not LanaBananaAHS: u are LanaBananaAHS: nice flash jhin LanaBananaAHS: pathetic LanaBananaAHS: blitz, u early flamed jhin now u dont? LanaBananaAHS: infinity edge on xayah? LanaBananaAHS: ww u did LanaBananaAHS: i had a bounty u like u LanaBananaAHS: unlike* LanaBananaAHS: more cc LanaBananaAHS: report fizz after ,gg LanaBananaAHS: why fizz supp on ranked? LanaBananaAHS: U USED CHAT ALL GENIUS LanaBananaAHS: report LanaBananaAHS: i d0nt wanna lose plz LanaBananaAHS: report fizz thanks LanaBananaAHS: ty ahri first game: i was kinda raging,thats true but i was like it cuz 4 people was actually flaming me,i know i had to press the mute button but i dont think this deserve a permaban,i tried my best for win unlike my team that flamed me the entire game game 2 : as u can see i didnt flame until something didnt catch my attention and i typed " u suck" but i did it only cuz them jhin said "you are so bad" and then told me i suck so i did the same thing, my team just laughed for that and thats what i was looking for. im feeling so bad for this ban i just reached level 1 of honor and i spent over 130 euros im really depressed u cant do this to me! i had to press the mute button i know but i just wanted to winthe game like every person should ! pls riot liisten to me
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