When does RIOT ever does something about the massive amount of `smurfs`

Hi there, Well as u might see right in the title I`m not happy about the amount of people who smurf in league. Why is that? you might be wondering. Well it`s not so much when I`m against smurfs, but I`m sad when I get one or multipile in my team. The reason behind this is, because I noticed that most people who smurf don`t really care for ranked games. They either give up after 10 min when we are 7-5 behind or just go rage mode and quit. Just now it happened again. A guy called im gonna troll and idc im a smurf in the chat in champ select and locked in a nunu top and his friend a fiddle mid. As you might`ve geussed we lost that game. How do I know most people who behaved this way are smurfs? well its fairly simple. first thing you always do is check wether they have skins. not a reliable source but then you do something else and that is checking their friendly, honourable opponent, teamwork and helpfull stats. With smurfs only having 40 or 60 while the `real` accounts have mostly 200+ easily. I get it, im just complaining and im not offering a solution. Since all my solutions would include massive counter measures which might lead to the loss of players aka money. But i hope maybe some of you have an awnser. I`m really sorry for my bad english or any grammer mistakes I might`ve made. Friendly greetings, The Author
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