The Honor Climb System (from dishonorable)

I dont believe i am the only one who thinks that the honor climb system is a bit too harsh. I dropped down to honor level zero with honor locked in last October and it was well deserved i admit. But the climb back is almost impossible. Yes i lost cool in like 5/6 games till then but what about the other 1200 games? Clean games, double honor, triple honor, quadra honor, all for naught just because in one/two games out of 200 some troll manages to get on your nerves. I am not saying dont ban people or drop their honors but does the climb back really need to be this excruciating that it starts to demotivate players? I do believe Riot recently has started to focus so much on High Elo and Pro Players that issues of lower tier players are totally ignored so i am not expecting any kind of reform in this scenario either. Just here to discuss though.
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