What is wrong with Diamond 5 ?

Alright guys, First of all, I'm a main support, and I'm not the playmaker support : I'm more of a following type of player rather than a leader. Meaning I may have to rely on my teammates too much, which is maybe what leads me here. But hear me out : I've been playing in diamond elo for the past 3 seasons, and diamond 5 has always been the reason why I considered just leaving the game fair and square. **I just don't want to play ranked anymore because of D5.** Recently, I had to move in another country for some months, and wasn't able to play on my EUW account, at least not ranked. I dropped from D4 to P4. In 4 days, I was back in D5. But since then... Oh god. People in plat were genuinely playing to achieve something, working cooperatively as a team to win. Games were really interesting, and things were... well, I basically won every one of my games there ! And then, D5. Right in the wall. Trolls, afks, feeders, like a neverending storm of people who just didn't want to win, or even to play, but were there anyway. I even had this day when on 8 games, I had 5 trolls (for real, not just toxic people !), 2 insanely toxic, and one afk. My MMR took a serious hit then, and now it's virtually useless to go on. Is it because those people reached their goal of being diamond and now they don't care anymore ? Is it because of eloboosting, they end up here, and the system prevents their decay ? Anyway, I'm really fed up to play when **roughly 80% of my teammate** are fitting in the first report category... Am I the only one who feels this way ? I would love to enjoy playing LoL, but this behaviour makes it completely impossible...
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