I got banned Because i defended a friend from sexist players.

Hi I was recently in a game with a female friend on league of legends and all things were well until two gentleman found out that they had a female on their team. They started making sexist remarks to my friend and i got very mad at this because i hate to see people being sexist and i believe everyone should be equal. i too flamed them however to battle toxic you have to be toxic yourself. No one can just sit there quiet and see what things were said to your friend. Things said like "usually females cant play games" and or "not good at games" "biologically they are not good at games" I have been banned for the things i said to them however these players are still playing on their accounts. To me this looks like riot games promotes and condones sexism in their game. The fact that riot supp refused to take away my ban even though i was defending against sexism something that is not only in games but is all walks of life on this world. They saw my case as "normal" even though it was about sexism and not about who was flaming in their game. sexism is a big problem in games and seeing this happen just makes me angry. That the game i have played and supported for the last 2 years would rather have someone sexist in their games than a person who defends it. I do not flame at any player in their game i once got a 14 ban for doing it once but there are literally people doing it every game and getting away with it. i always say good things in chat and never flame. I never have had a chat restriction on that account. The riot support said that they dont support such sexism then why i'm i banned and they are still in their game? if that isn't supporting sexism by letting them be in your game and banning the ones defending against then this world has gone crazy. I urge that i get better support than this and bump this post up to make riot aware of this case. this is not acceptable from what i view from this riot seems very ok to have sexist players rather than ones who defend it. toxic or not. i still think sexist comments are worse than being toxic in two games over 2 years and getting banned for it.
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