GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game

Dear Riot, I hope this comes to your attention, as this is clearly a huge problem, that you´ve failed to solve for years now. I find it SO disgusting that people have the decency to write "GG easy" and personally, I think it should be penalized. Clearly it is negative behaviour, and I don´t think that should exist in a game that´s meant to be social and fun. I don´t mind losing, but when people write GG easy I always report them, even if they are on my own team. There´s just no need to be so smuck about your victory and in your summoners code it also states that you should be gracious both in defeat but also victory, and writing GG easy is definitely not a gracious way to end a game. But many people ignore this detail in the summoners code and don´t even get penalized for it, I´ve encountered DOZENS of people writing GG easy even in my latest 20 games. I´ve reported them every time, but usually when someone get penalized you get a notification that your report has led to someones penalty, and this hasn´t been the case for either of these players who´ve wrote GG easy. So I plead to you Riot, rid us of this CANCEROUS way of behaving, make a NO TOLERANCE policy for people who write stuff like GG easy, and punish them accordingly. I imagine it can´t be that hard to crossreference game logs for the keywords "GG easy" and maybe by doing so, we could have a better, non-toxic community. I feel this whole situation is sad, as I really enjoy league of legends, but recently with all this toxicity that just goes by unnoticed and unpunished, I´ve also gone down a dark path, and became a little bit more negative game by game. Therefore I don´t think I will play League of Legends if this kind of behaviour keeps occuring in the games I play, as I do not want to be part of a non-benevolent toxic community. This is just my opinion though, but please, if you have any thoughts on the matter how and if something like "GG easy" should be penalized, please share your thoughts with me. Dearest greetings Frosten
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