Something that i think is really unfair.

Here's my thoughts, at the start of my last game a singed player died once and then quit the game because someone on my team banned his preferred champion at champ select. He said in chat "i die once then leave" at this point my motivation to play is literally zero 4v5 games can be won but 99% of the time it's a loss, the smart thing to do then is simply say "open mid" and let the enemy win to pass the time. So i afk in base for 20 minutes and i get made to wait 20 minutes purely because i don't put on a happy face and say oh well the chances of us winning are basically zero but i'll play anyway wasting my time completely. This is completely an unfair punishment to me now i get punished because of some troll do you think that's fair? i really do not i think some revision is necessary for this kind of event which isn't all that rare.
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