Why is it that Ahri and Lux are getting so much hate when they get a new skin?

Mostly the argument I hear is that they have a lot of skins. But I don't think that's a valid argument considering that Warwick has more skins than Ahri, and he wouldn't get any hate if he got a new skin. I'll just list the number of skins of some champions, not counting Prestige skins as a separate skin, because they are basically golden chromas with the same concept, and usually released at the same time as the original ones are. Ahri: 9 skins, Elderwood will be the 10th, yet getting a lot of hate because the community claims she has too many skins. Lux: 10 skins, also getting a lot of hate, for the same reason as Ahri. Akali: also 10 skins, nobody was complaining when Project Akali was released. Alistar: 12 skins, way more than Akali or Lux, yet nobody's complaining. Annie: 11 skins, still getting less hate than the others with less skins. Ezreal: he has the most skins in the game, 13, and still gets way less hate than Ahri or Lux when he gets a new skin. Miss Fortune: 12 skins, so 2 more skins than Lux, yet she gets 0 hate when a new skin is released. Warwick: has 10 skins, would be 11 if I included Urf the Manatee, but I don't include Prestige skins either, so it would be just fair to not count that. So same amount of skins as Lux, yet nobody's complaining about "Oh no, Riot is only making Warwick skins." While writing all this I realised it would be too repetitive, so I'll just list out the champions: More skins than Lux/Ahri: {{champion:1}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:4}} As many skins as Lux/Ahri: {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:24}} So why is it that people are never complaining about there being too many Gragas, Graves, Kog'Maw, Jax, etc... skins?
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