It's 2017 and we still don't have an option to remove chat

Emailed Riot and they directed me here for "feedback". My attitude sucks. I tilt, I cry like a lil %%%%%, then I take it out on my team by flaming them and sit there feeling like crap after the game because I flamed people who were trying to help and a lot of the time I solo lose games because of the negative environment I create. My 60% win rate in D5 would be a 70% win rate in d4-3 if I learnt to control my attitude, but I can't. I love League, really I do. I hate 80% of the community, but I love the game. Why should I punish myself by reading 80% of the toxic horrible garbage I read every game just for the 20% of genuine people? I shouldn't have to. I know the generic "But hey, League is so much more fun when played with a team! Did you know teams which communicate win 23.21% more games?!" - I don't care. Let me play how I want to play, not how you want me to. I literally can't cope with most of the community, and that's not a figure of speech, I actually can't. This season alone (And I'm not trying to "brag" here by the way, I'm not proud of it at all and would kill to undo it) I've got my Season 3 account perma'd, made a new account and got that perma'd, and now I'm on a 2 week suspension on my third, all in the space of probably 5-6 months. I CAN'T stop myself typing. Give me all the generic advice you want, I've tried it and it doesn't work. I understand the majority of people don't have a problem with this, but I do, and all I ask is that I have the option to stop myself from doing this completely by removing the chat. What sense does it make to be constantly banning my accounts when, if the chat is simply disabled I'd literally NEVER get reported, EVER. It's like giving a suicidal person a gun to "defend himself" then acting surprised when he pops it. Also, before everyone types "it's really not that hard to /muteall if you can't handle some words", if I'm muting everyone every game, why do I have to do it manually at the start of EVERY game? The outcome is EXACTLY the same. Also while /muteall is great, I can still type, which is the biggest problem. Look, I'm not complaining that I've been "unfairly punished" or "it's not fair because they're toxic first I'm the victim" - I know I'm toxic. I don't want to be, I'm not proud of it, and I'm trying everything to change my attitude but nothing is working. I NEVER flame people randomly, it's always provoked because I can't help myself. I've taken breaks, I've dragged my chat off the screen, I've emailed Riot for help and I've made posts to Reddit, I'm TRYING to better myself but haven't got any help from Riot whatsoever, and when all I want is no chat I can't even get that. I can't keep making new accounts. The level 1-30 grind literally halves my IQ every time I do it. Anyway rant over. I doubt this will ever amount to anything as I'm probably just seen as another toxic player and not listened to, but it's worth a try. Happy rifting nubs PS - Manual chat disabling I've tried, for some reason on my PC it doesn't work. You can't mute the chat audio anymore without muting ALL sound effects (not sure why Riot changed that..) so if I drag it off I can still hear it and type, and going into my files and inputting "ChatScale = -100" in the notepad setting doesn't work for my PC either. I dunno why. EDIT - Also I forgot to mention. The last game I played where I received my 2 week ban, 2 other people on my team also received a 2 week ban since we all reported each other. Does this really sound like the only solution we have?
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