Ranked ,how to improve in EUW?

So, I am a currently gold 4( as always struggeling ) adc main on euw, been gold 1, 38 lp before the reset ( hard to get over how beautiful the reset itself is). Because i dont know how much time it will take me to get back up , my placements went like 5-5, again, beautiful. I recently realised that toxicitiy isnt getting me anywere in this game, also a negative attitude isnt,so I am trying to improve as hard as I can, I watch xfsn saber on youtube and he rly is a blessing, because i see how much space there is for me to improve. S8 was pretty much my first ranked season ever with arround 600 games, never played the game very consitent before. My problem is, or my question, are there alot of newer players climbing to lets say diamond, who arent challenger or diamond smurfs in the first place? Because league is an extremly unrewarding and punishing game to those who actually try. Every single time i get back up mentaly and i learn something new, I just get %%%%ed over by toxic, trolling or afk players, like I just had in my promo game to gold 3. I think it is pretty much the worst for a human being to actually work on himself ,trying to improve and then being made a complete mockery by his awful teammates and having not many chances to win. I just ask, what is the message here? That improving is not doing anything for yourself in this game, at least not on euw? Yes , a challenger can win all these games easy, but I cant because I am not good enough, I want to be good enought but how can I even be when it feels almost impossible to climb? After having 4-5 horrible games in a row, it is very hard to stay positive because you dont get anything from it exept a worse win percentage. I think euw, since thats the only server i know is extremly hostile towards people that actually try to work on themselves. I am very frustrated.
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