MAJOR design flaws in the reward system / honor level - A in-depth discussion

I hope that everyone is having a nice evening! Oh, and have you heard the news, you can actually still make it for the ranked rewards, if you reform yourself before February! (Riot games actually did something REALLY nice here, especially since it helps me out). But yeah, I want to discuss the honor system, player behaviour, and the severity of different "crimes" / punishments. Let me start off by pointing out that this is my opinion, and very subjective, but of course it is open for debate, so if you have a different opinion, I will be happy to hear your thoughts and maybe see it all in a different light. So let me introduce myself. I am a player who have been supporting Riot games and league of legends throughout it´s release almost a decade back. In that time I have learned many things about league, and one of them, is how abusive the player base can be. I generally see myself as a non-toxic person, who never flames, intentionally feeds or anything like this, and I had honor level 4 to prove that. Since the release of the new honor system I actually reached honor level 4 in a very short amount of time. I reached this by being nice to others, and doing my best in the midst of battle, and recieving a lot of honor from my fellow players in return. But then, it all got washed away with a single game, a game where I was just having fun, maybe too much fun. Riot games removed the good old deathfire grasp, that most of us knew and loved (you will be missed my dear friend). With the removal of this item, I saw a video featuring a guy that whenever he got a kill wrote "RIP dfg" to the guy he killed. I thought it was really funny, and didn´t really think much of it as being toxic, so I went ahead and copied him for my next game. I was playing J4, and was completely DOMINATING everything, I guess it is a little bit troll to spice up your build by buying dfg on him though, but yeah no one on the enemy team had any ill feelings towards me, that I knew off, so I wrote "RIP dfg" a couple of times without thinking much of it, and after the game, what is this? I got a chat restriction for saying "RIP dfg". Now I understand that maybe not everyone got the joke, but didn´t honestly think I would get banned for it, because after all, if someone thought it was fun, he could´ve muted me right? Well anyway, I thought this was an unfair chat restriction, but thought that okay maybe I was wrong in doing what I did. (Actually this was before the new honor system now that I recall), but it was one of the very few chat restrictions I got in my life. Anyways, the new system got released and I achieved honor level 4. I as a person act kind towards others that act kind towards me, and you could litterally go 0 56 0 as my ADC and my only response would be: "oh, you are just having a bad game dont worry about it" or something like this. I don´t initiate toxic behaviour because I do not condone of toxic behaviour. But as a person I also look out for my team, and try my best to remind everyone that we are still only playing for fun, and that is where I become toxic. By defending myself and my random teamates against flamers, I have been chat restricted a couple times during my almost 10 years of playing. If someone acts badly towards me or non-premade teamates, i always remind them that flaming doesn´t lead to anything, and that it is punishable. I try to convince them to focus on the game, but every once in a while, it just goes out of hand. (VERY rarely). I lose my shit because someone is acting so unfairly towards another human being, that it makes me wonder how that person is not yet banned or chat restricted. So I start to argue with him. When I say rarely this must be the likes of 1 game every 500th game, that I meet a person that pushes me over the edge. But yeah this happened to me this year, the 13th of november (a day after last season should´ve supposedly ended). So my whole year of hard work that I had put into the game, gone. Because of 2 games out of the last 1000 games that I´ve played. On top of that I was only trying to defend myself against someone who is actually just raging for the heck of it, out of the blue. I think this is completely unheard of, and that this shows how flawed this system is. Speaking of the system let me note some facts about it. - When you get punished after being reported, said system will only look at what YOU wrote in the chat, and no one else. So someone could´ve said anything to you, prompted you to kill yourself, said bad things about your mom, family or girlfriend / boyfriend, threatened to hack your IP address, like literally ANYTHING can be written to you. And if you respond in a negative manner, you will get banned, disregarding anything that might´ve scared you, or triggered you into writing what you get banned for. For me the natural response would be to try and defend yourself, if someone threatens your life. - The rewards are based upon what your honor level is at the end of the season, not in between, not at the start, no at the end of the season. Because it doesn´t matter if you have been toxic throughout the entire year, and just decided to momentarily reform yourself just to get the free shit, am I right? NO! How can this even be logically explained? How can Riot games justify a system like this? I could litterally have been inting, flamed excessively, DDOS´ed other players, scripted on my account or WHATEVER, I could´ve been the most toxic degenerate piece of trash that league has ever seen. As long as my account didn´t get permanently banned, and I achieved to get honor 2 at november 12. (13.), then I would still get my free shit. But yeah I got a chat restriction because I defended my own honor against someone who excessively tried to put me down. Seems fair. - Riot games says that the "bonus chance" is a one time only deal, because they do not condone toxic behaviour, even if it is just a chat restriction. The keywords being "one time deal". So, in what way does it logically make sense to go around the system this year, if they believe that is the right thing to do, but not the other years? If Riot games feel so strongly about their punishments shouldn´t they stick to it? To me it seems like they are bending their own morale to get their player base to like them more. - I got my chat restriction 3 hours prior to them removing the little icon that says I am dishonorable on my profile, if I had gotten it 3 hours or more later, i would still get rewards. This is self explanatory, but yeah, doesn´t make sense. - I personally achieved honor level 4 throughout the very early release of the new honor system, I got chat restricted once (again for defending myself and others), and I have been struggling to get back to gain my honor back. I haven´t been punished for at least a year (I think), but have just barely been able to cling to honor level 2 at the end of the season, despite getting honored very often and people generally saying that I am a nice person and adding me to play again. (I will go more in-depth with why this is a design flaw now). So, what´s the point of the honor system? To reform players, to create a positive player environment. Yes, that is exactly the intended effect. Is it working? I don´t know, but I can tell you about how it personally affects me. So after struggling to get my honor back for over a year (I think), I have been feeling that I got punished waaaaay to hard. I defended myself against someone, and it lead to me not recieving any loot for an entire year, on top of that now I wouldn´t have gotten the end of season rewards for ranked. Now I understand the need for punishment where there is crime, and of course a small part of me feels that it did deserve to get punished in some kind of way, but this hard? What the current system has done to me, is make me salty AF (I don´t let this out on my teamates though, and usually just scream at the computer and letting my neighbours have to deal with my salt). For me struggling to get back into honor, and trying every game to be positive, not write too much in chat, and congratulation good plays, while still encouraging people who might have bad game (Teamate dies... me: we will get them next time, good try, don´t worry just remember to have fun). That is the kind of teamate I am generally. But let´s take my "toxicity" into account as well. (Zed mid: "%%%%ing ADC you suck, you are %%%%ing boosted, %%%, Im gonna go int this ADC does not deserve to win"), and my response would typically be: (Me defending my ADC: Please dont flame Zed, and remember that people can have bad games as well, so lets just try what we can instead). And if the Zed continues to flame and it turns too crazy I might say something the likes of this: "Zed STFU already, look at your own mistakes, you died 10 times). In very extreme occasion I could be inraged to even call him silver trash. But that is as far as it gets. I just dont feel that the punishment fits the crime, and after thinking that my rewards got taken from me, despite me trying my hardest, I really felt like what the heck? I dont %%%%ing care anymore. I felt that if this is actually how I deserve to be punished then %%%% it all, Im gonna turn into the must toxic degenerate, so that I can show riot that their system is flawed. (Now I dont think I would actually do this, but this is what I felt!). It feels REALLY bad, how you get punished for the most minor crimes. And yes I have done my best to distance myself from defending me and others, cause I got chat restrictions before, so yeah I have been reforming A LOT, I dont argue nearly as much as I did 1-2 years ago, and I just feel despite my hard work and efforts to work on becoming an even greater teamate, I still just get stepped down in the dirt, with people who actually just flame for the heck of it, or write "%%%" or something more serious. Let me end with quoting myself... "if there would be no flamers in the game, then I would never have lashed out to begin with, as there would be no need to defend myself or others" - If the system was actually working. "There is no room for ANY mistakes when it comes to a game that is supposed to be for fun and entertainment, the slightest mistake will punish you. Despite this I am still only human". Let me know what you guys think, if you have any things to add, or maybe arguments about what I am saying, and lets have a nice a civilized discussion about this topic. Peace out!
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