wrongfully banned

so i recently played a game, where after taking the enemy jglers bluebuff, my own jungler started actively inting and calling me a n*gger etc. i reported him but sintead i was the one getting banned, even though all i did was telling the other team what he was calling me, i do not udnerstand why i got banned and i would like to know why i was banned, here is the chatlog Game 1 Afterloops: glhf Afterloops: gfhl* Afterloops: xD Afterloops: good fun have luck Afterloops: so is this the infamous yasuo support? Afterloops: what Afterloops: lmao Afterloops: nice Afterloops: she jsut helped Afterloops: how did you miss that q? Afterloops: ofc Afterloops: so i pressed my e... Afterloops: yi Afterloops: maybe gank before complaining Afterloops: i pressed it befoere that Afterloops: wha Afterloops: i need blue Afterloops: then you get reported Afterloops: rep yi inting Afterloops: i got his blue, Afterloops: he forgot smite Afterloops: not my bad Afterloops: reported x2 Afterloops: xd Afterloops: that tower though Afterloops: np Afterloops: yi jsut inting lmao Afterloops: report yi, calling me %%%%%%, to %%% and so on, and inting Afterloops: tnx Afterloops: yeah, why report me? Afterloops: i took the bluebuff in the enemy jgl Afterloops: im mid, yi has his own bluebuff Afterloops: i took nunu's Afterloops: im not afk lmao Afterloops: im waiting on 20 gold for my item Afterloops: you have 30 seconds Afterloops: dont try herald Afterloops: rip Afterloops: this yi man xD Afterloops: tnx for the buffs yi Afterloops: ? Afterloops: to*
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