Why am i banned?

Why was I banned? Is calling someone a noob now a bad word aswell? is that the level riot has dropped to ? people are going 0/12 in my ranked games and you want me to smile? and be happy about it ? ive literally not said anything bad you cant expect me to just stay silent again and again of people coming into my game trash talking me when theyre 0/12 in my games hurry up and answer me so i can understand what the hell this ban was for and what i did wrong. Game 1 In-Game Yuna348: we didnt need to know Yuna348: noob mid Yuna348: NOOOOOOBBB Yuna348: MID LANER Yuna348: doesnt know how to kill Yuna348: afk mid lNER Yuna348: you heard me noob Yuna348: afk mid laner Yuna348: cant do anything Yuna348: so trash Yuna348: noobs cant even get simple kills Yuna348: ur trash mate Yuna348: u cant use ur jungler Yuna348: ur those solo players u dont know Yuna348: bro Yuna348: what are u ? Yuna348: cus ur not dia Yuna348: no ur not Yuna348: i was d4 last season Yuna348: ur sht Yuna348: masters Yuna348: ur sht Yuna348: ur not masters Yuna348: masters my ass Yuna348: u cant even flash in for a kill and tbink ur masters Yuna348: watch it urself nob Yuna348: no Yuna348: 1 flash each Yuna348: then we back Yuna348: noob Yuna348: ur so bad really Yuna348: stop talkong Yuna348: your carrying them right now Yuna348: afk adc too Yuna348: trundle lol ? Yuna348: trundles alive Yuna348: dont die Yuna348: change name pls Yuna348: to adc noob Yuna348: not adc perfectionist Yuna348: masters lost to gold Post-Game Yuna348: well done pros Yuna348: masters mid laner btw Yuna348: he cant flash and kill ekko Yuna348: for easy kills Yuna348: diamonds can Yuna348: but Yuna348: masters cant Yuna348: LUL Yuna348: did i go around saying im d4? Yuna348: noob Yuna348: he literally goes im masters Yuna348: adc perfectionist Yuna348: more lke adc noob Game 2 In-Game Yuna348: he ults me im dead Yuna348: noob Yuna348: ff this guy just fed my laner for no reason Yuna348: everyyone survives 1hp Yuna348: how can u go 0/10 Yuna348: how sht can u be to go 0/11 Yuna348: ur reported clearly trolling Yuna348: the jungler and support Yuna348: must be premade Yuna348: literally ruined the whole game Yuna348: for ? Yuna348: reported? Yuna348: no excuse Yuna348: to join a game Yuna348: and go 0/12 Yuna348: noob
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