Can we get rid of autofill?

I dont understand the concept of autofill, atleast not in ranked games. When I am in my promos I dont want to play with a support main that got autofilled into jungle and has no clue how to correctly play that role. Usually these types of players pick some well known junglers that they think are easy like nunu for example not realising that it requires a lot of knowledge to not get counterjungled and killed by the enemy xin zhao on cooldown and end up being utterly useless for the entire game. Is this enjoyable for the support main that got autofilled? For his teammates that have to play 4v5? Does it really end up saving any time at all when you waste atleast 20 minutes of your evening on a game that was lost before it even started and even more considering that you lost the lp you gained from previous games? I would much rather wait an extra 10 minutes to find players that play their main role than get rushed into a game that is almost unwinnable. Thoughts on this?
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