Learn to ignore... Until someone eventually dies.

I´ll give you a recap. A player on the boards just posted a good thread about flamers, not your average dumb flamer, no, I mean those people that manage to break you emotionally. The person made a reasonable thread. Then I saw the first comment. _______________________________________________________ The comment will be anonymous [Player A, first comment] You play LoL to have fun. If you don't have fun, you don't have to force it. Regarding those kinds of players, learn to ignore. Learn not to give a single fuck. I mean, like, what does it matter? You are playing a fucking videogame, holy shit. You WILL be told worse things like that if you keep playing, people are naturally assholes, after all. Everyone has been told worse. Hell, I've been told worse just the last time I played. Why should I give a fuck? HAVE FUN! //////////////////////////////////////// [Delde115, My response to the first comment] Yes people have to learn to ignore. But that doesnt give you the right to flame at some one in the first place. But these moral rules are broken because of the internet. If I manage to hack your bank account, would you ignore it? I mean, its the internet, people can do whatever they want. And how would it feel if the local police and bank told you, "Dude, suck it up, learn to not give a Fck. Its the internet." I can tell you right now, that you would be angry, you would fight for justice. Apply that to video games. A player is being racist, a player is playing with your emotions, a player has managed to break you. I dont care if it the internet or not. We are humans, wer are not made out of steel, we have feelings. And some poeple cant take a punch. That´s something that people are so arrogant when it comes to understanding. Just because you can take a punch, doesnt mean the whole world can. I get furious when people try to break me. I try my hardest, and I try to hold it, but im not perfect, I explode, and I´ve shown the worst of me in the forums. Some @sshole managed to humiliate me, manipulate my emotions, all for pure entertaiment. The fact that people tell others "just ignore it" is even worse than the flamer. And here is why, with an even more threating problem. Your mother is suffering from Domestic abuse. She has bruses, scars, she is always depressed, and she is never calm because one of these days she could die. YES DEATH. Women around the world are killed by domestic abuse and the sad thing about it is that the ignored calling for help, they refused calling for help. Apply that real problem to video games. People harrass you, people fcking toy with you, people intentionally break you, and make you feel like a worthless piece of insignificant sht. Are you going to fcking ignore it? If you can ignore it, good for you, give yourself a pad on the back and eat a cookie, I dont care. But there are people that cant do it. Some people cant ignore that matter. Some people actually care, not about them being angry or sad, they care that there are @ssholes out there who do this for fun, and myself, along with other people are sick of it. But what can we do, its the internet, grow some balls. No one is going to take this serious until some one actually gets some one killed. YES, killed. Because now you´re going to tell me that teenagers havent suicided, all caused by cyber bullying. I dare you, to rpove me wrong right now. No, change that. THERE IS NOTHING you can prove against what I just said. And if you manage to proof me wrong, it better be a hell of an explanation. ____________________________________________________ Before you down vote, up vote, or type in the comments. I want to tell you that my response was serious. If you´re still laughing, then get your mindset right. Yes its a video game, dont take things seriously, we all recieved the worthless excuse of a comment. Flaming, being racist, any sort of negatuve behavior towards other players is cyber bullying at its finest. And let me tell you, that people have died because of it. People can use the internet to break a person, via social media. 6 Months ago, I saw a league streamer (age 17) cry, because he was being flamed both in game and in the twitch chat. The guy had to stop his own stream! That guy was having the time of his life, hoping that the stream would go wonderfully, only to end by the act of an @sshole. The worst part is that he will be humiliated everyday because of twitter, vine, facebook, memes, tumbler, (any social media website you can think or know of). Just imagine that sht happened to you. Honestly, think deeply about it. Can you handle being humiliated LIVE in front of 1000+ viewers, getting sht talked by the stream chat, would you handle being reminded of that day for the rest of the year? If you can handle it, you´re lying. No matter what, you´ll either feel depressed or angry about it. Either way, you´re emotions have been manipulated. This was just an example. And a real one at that. And I´ll say it again. Im being serious about this. One day, some one will pay the price. Hopefully I dont have to explain what the price actually is. I am not asking for replies, I dont want to see other peoples opinion. All I ask is that you should not ignore a potentially serious situation.
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