How's this flaming

Game 1 Pre-Game HookWithBlitz: mid HookWithBlitz: Czosk HookWithBlitz: Go jg HookWithBlitz: You sure have Yi HookWithBlitz: You have Kayn HookWithBlitz: It' free to play In-Game HookWithBlitz: Shaco you can start on your own? HookWithBlitz: :) HookWithBlitz: wtf HookWithBlitz: is this braindead champion HookWithBlitz: 2 champs i hate are this Liss HookWithBlitz: And Diana HookWithBlitz: 2 braindeads HookWithBlitz: That don't deserve to live HookWithBlitz: I'll go afk HookWithBlitz: braindead HookWithBlitz: Yea HookWithBlitz: Safe HookWithBlitz: And cannot farm HookWithBlitz: Cannot do anything HookWithBlitz: Top HookWithBlitz: Change HookWithBlitz: Me HookWithBlitz: Well HookWithBlitz: I am not mid anymore HookWithBlitz: idc HookWithBlitz: for u? HookWithBlitz: ff HookWithBlitz: 15 HookWithBlitz: and bot ofc HookWithBlitz: what a report you gonna get HookWithBlitz: But you are flaming everyone the whole game HookWithBlitz: Every1 will rep you HookWithBlitz: ? HookWithBlitz: i don't remember telling shaco and alistar that they are idiots HookWithBlitz: But you did HookWithBlitz: can't scroll that much HookWithBlitz: ye tell me HookWithBlitz: lmao HookWithBlitz: XD HookWithBlitz: Damn you must have sad life HookWithBlitz: Being so nervous over a game HookWithBlitz: Crying because you lost a game HookWithBlitz: Ye HookWithBlitz: Keep the facts for u because nobody cares HookWithBlitz: what a mute HookWithBlitz: yes Post-Game HookWithBlitz: rep HookWithBlitz: me HookWithBlitz: inting HookWithBlitz: riot cares HookWithBlitz: about ur reps HookWithBlitz: too much HookWithBlitz: folks This was my chat. It's maybe a soft flaming and not a reason to get banned or chat restricted. Now i am at honor lvl 0 just because of one chat restriction. Hmm riot.
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