Botting in Co-op vs. AI mode.

The amount of bots on the players team during co-op vs. AI is becoming ridiculous. I have been playing exclusively bots to get a rough sample size, and have had one or more bots on my team in 19/20 games. That's 95%. Although I agree this is a small sample size, I would say that this warrants it being called a 'problem'. After EVERY game I have played so far (not sure how many bot games total, cba to look it up) I have reported each and every person that was running aforementioned bots, and although yes, I have received a couple of key fragments for 'my feedback', it is obvious that not enough is being done to combat this issue as it has been ongoing for more than 2 weeks already, and shows no sign of slowing down (it's getting worse, if anything). When is Riot going to release some kind of official statement on this and why it is being allowed to continue? I look on the boards and see floods of posts on the same topic, so I know I am not alone in my disappointment. Does the report system actually do ANYTHING? Are Riot just giving these bots account bans? 'Cause I'm pretty sure if they can multibox-bot in game, they can make new accounts with a bot too.....why are they not being IP or MAC banned?
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