Toxicity rising (without end in sight)

Hey fellow summoners, This weekend I have been trying to grind out ranked and I had a less than pleasant experience. Over the past 20 games or so that I played I had 5 AFK and no one seemed to enjoy themselves. From raging to down right childish behavior. I told myself to just take a break but when I started playing after 2 hours or so again, it was the same old story. I deranked from plat 3 to plat 5 over the course of a weekend. At this point I can't just shrug it off and tell myself 'whatever'. I demand answers. This is beyond the point of unlucky, and it wasn't half as bad before this patch. Why have my ranked games become the meet and greet point of all children who can't stay in game or play normally? >:( I am %%%%ing pissed. Leave your experiences below so people may see this. Because if this keeps going I will leave. Riot, fix this shit.
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