-**_INTRODUCTION_** I'm a banned player because of mostly spamming and flooding chat because i might type 1 sentence in 10 lines . like saying " why - omg - i ll troll - etc " actually i dont troll after saying so [ like threatening other players ] I got my account permanently banned because i can't control my self when people start flaming and blaming me for no reason . but i feel so sad loosing my account as it's been like 4 years now playing on this account spending too much time of mine and much money . I know I'm guilty and I made a mistake and I shouldn't have been affected by toxicity and turning in a toxic player because of other players I feel sad for not sharing sport man like behavior but it is due to replying to more toxic players who just cry and blame other players for their loss . - **_SO MY SUGGESTION IS_** _**- YOU CAN'T FLAME IF YOU DONT HAVE A CHAT IN YOUR GAME **_ - **_DETAILS _** 1 - players with receive normal punishments like always [ 10 games chat restriction > 25 > 14 days ban > perma ban ] 2 - once players get perma banned **_[ here comes the suggestion]_** {{champion:17}} 1 - perma ban will be turned into a limited time ban like 2 months or 3 months {{champion:11}} 2 - once players end this time ban they will be able to play the game again but they will lose access to chat [ they wont be able to talk in chat and receive message from players **_[ingame chat]_** , as the chat is the thing that make players flame , so if you delete chat for these players , they wont flame . but on the other hand players will not be sad losing their accounts for ever . because it is not a good feeling for players to lose their accounts . {{champion:157}} **_SOME EXTRA DETAILS ABOUT THE SUGGESTION _** 1 - Riot is keen on letting players change by them selves and they think that if they ban their accounts this will make them stop flaming and etc . but this is wrong psychologically . so banned accounts to make people change to better is not a good idea . 2 - for someone who has lost his first account for ever , this wont stop him making a new account and flame / troll etc . because he will just say " i dont care about this is account " 3 - **Regard removing the chat for banned players ** A- Players will be able to use chat in case of before game making like waiting join a lobby [ queuing time ] B- players will be able to type [ 2 sentences in pre game ] " lobby chat " [ or they cant talk ] optional **depends on riot** C- **As for _in game _** players will have no access to chat [ either send or receive any messages from players like it is deleted , they will have on game status like enemy rampage , you have collected 150 stacks with draven , you got a bounty of killing teemo [ 825 gold ] D- players will have no access to chat aswell after the game or maybe like points " C " **_CONCLUSION_** I guess this will be a good step from riot , and a suggestion that will satisfy banned players like me and this will prove that riot company cares about their players and they will just give them a new opportunity to play against on their accounts . a reform system might be added with terms and laws by riot .
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