Why is this a thing (troll nation)?

" Everyone has bad games " , this is the Riot Games excuse. They make you think it's your fault or it's the destiny. But eventually , it is because they have a secret tool that manipulate the matchmaking system how they want.
Hello,today I had a guy in my team say to our support:play nami or I troll.He didn't play nami and the guy picked kalista with exh (he was adc).He went top and our top had to go bot.The lane didn't go good,but he wasn't entirely trolling.I get that there are different ways to win,but he decided to %%%% the top la%%%%up by making him play bot lane (I asked him,because I didn't want the enemy adc to get completely free farm,tho it didn't work out very well even with him bot). He was doing that with ill intent.He didn't ask or say anything,he just intruded himself.Is there any way for riot to remove it or something?This is completely stupid and should honestly stop being a thing.You don't want to be competative.WELL,THERE ARE NORMALS.GO FIND SOME FRIENDS AND PLAY THEM. Actual question:Can Riot Games do anything to at least shut down the site?I would love for this to be removed,because it initiates a toxic enviroment. Edit:he linked to this website in the lobby and while I was sure that we would probably lose,he didn't int.While he didn't int,I don't know who would see this site and maybe decide to actively troll like old tyler1.
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