Should riot let us know about the outcome of our reports?

Hello and greetings, so tonight I keep meeting toxic players in my team and i don't know why my luck puts me with this kind of people. First game, we played against a team that has too much CC, i only said the cc was annoying, I don't think i have offended anyone in my team by that, but two in my team replied : you are annoying... (really?) seems like everyone is itching for a fight.. i simply ignored.. Next match : We had a lucian who was crying about how we didn't help him in teamfight, while everyone was retreating and avoiding the cc, he managed to survive but he was like :"report my team for feeding and not helping me" (really dude? we are still 0-0) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} we decided to mute him, then i unmute him after 10 minutes , he is still going on insulting the team... Next match !!! : I was nasus, i had xin, rengar, cait, and varus in my team (still aram) I already told them that i'm going AP nasus since xin and rengar could go Tanky, they were ok with it.. Later in the end of the match they started insulting me for not going Tank... Since naming and shaming is not allowed in forum, i have deleted all the names: but have a look.. [img][/img] I get the feelings riot dosen't do much about these toxic players.. I know there's waves of people getting perma-banned.. but the fact of meeting this kind of players affects my experience and i'm starting to lose hope... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} So I'm also adding a poll here, Maybe riot should let us know by E-mail if a previously reported player has been punished + the chatlogs Any opinion is welcome!
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