The level of flaming have NEVER been worse!

i played since season 3, average player Gold- platinum ELO. I play this game on a daily basis for many years, often end my "playtime" due to bad behavior from my own "teammates", not because of the results i achieve, although these two things go together! This season have been a disaster, when it comes to enjoying the game. THE LEVEL OF TOXICITY IS THROUGH THE ROOF! I honestly lost 200s of LP due to the fact that people just dont care, flame each other or enemy team. If "you" (any one on your team) make the SLIGHTEST mistake, the flame starts at the same second. the lower ELO you get, the worse it gets! ONE bad gank and the jungler gets all the blame, gets told never to "come to my lane again!" etc ADC flame the support after first 2-3 minutes, Toplaner dont give a %%%% on whats going on at the map and people literately sets each other up for enemy team kills, just so they can flame the victim afterwards... if you try to break the pattern and come with simple tactical advice.."group mid" ,"help with dragon pls", "dont push, wait for gank" etc you are just putting your hand in the fire, waiting to get burned/snapped at... This is not based on a few games (more like 200!), im stuck in a lower ELO than any other season, based on the above facts. NOT SAYING IM BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE, just saying that the flaming , hate, toxicity and level of humiliation toward both side of the team, dominates the RIFT and impact the results.. The real problem is nothing is done to help/stop it , nobody cares and the more "YOU" get flamed, the more "you" tend to retaliate to each other OR carry it on to the next game.. The reporting system it useless TBH.. i honestly think that the toxic player report EVERY ONE AFTER EVERY GAME, just because he can! so the one who actually deserved a report (dont believe it changes anything though) balances it out be reporting everybody else :-/ i DO KNOW that there is a mute fuction, but that does not chance any player behavior (or the result from that).. im at Silver ELO EUW.. any one else having the same experiences?
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