i got permabanned

I just wanted to say i have 10 years of expirience and milions of mastery points on shen and lee sin .. some time i get toxic and swear saying my team is %%%%ing awful and trolls because they tend to do stupid shit like run down and int 0-8 the first 10 minutes of the game get in match with premades and refuse to surrender when they fed and want to give up but i was never as toxic as all other members that where toxic to me i never wished dead cancer suffering pain and illnes ot anyone mostly i say they troll and they are %%%%ing disgisting i got 1 time 14 day suspension because i was verbaly so harrased that i cound not take it any more verbaly harrsed because im 1 milion shen and i got no life and im sweaty edgy teen that is 14-0 and his mom must die than i lost it sweared back got susspended for 14 days .. months passed same thing happend 1 hour ago i said %%%%ing troll team due to premades feeding bot and me refusing to early surrendr at 15 they ruined evey chance to make a comeback dying 3 times in 2 minutes .. than i got perma banned my accound is 250 lv i think 10 years of registration i own 95 % of champions and own 100 skins most of them from boxes and pretty good one ultimate and legendary and rare that are not avaiable like dragon fist lee chromas yellow jacket tpa shen and etc account value is alot got 50 k of essence because i play only shen and lee 100 skins gun goddess mf , dj sona, this lux skin with forms all from box drops only skins i buyed was shen lee and galios i dont belive this game could do something like this to 10 yeard old player that spent his life on this game just like that . yes i am toxic from time to time but mild state of toxicity i dont think i deserve taking away all my years of collecting shen skins and lee i dont care about anything else even if i make new account and build ip 4 milion mastery points on both champs i will never have all the skins because they are not avaiable anymore and probly wont be i remembered how much i beg riot to put tpa for sale because i didnt have it and they said we see you play only this champ be you have to wait and i waited for so many years to be avaiable again like 3-4 years until game started having world cups and more skins pop up like samsung white skt .. that truly breaks up my heart and all this years of effort gone to waste just because riot put one sentance before its loyal community member that gets destroyed every single game for his skin points skill or envy because players just hate and love to hate i appealed for mercy ask and you shall be answered , repent and you shall be forgiven .. there is no person on this world that could out stand this verbal aggresion that this game community provide and not answer back with some i dont belive people for swearing with %%%% and saying stupid and usless deserve to be equaly punished by the sinners wishing pain death suffering and all kinds of unhumanity feelings
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