Received a 14 days suspension without any history or warnings

This just happened.While i agree i was not perfect in the log showed by the ban received notification i dont think its quite fair that i got a full 14 days ban without any warning,chat mute or anything like a low priority before.I will copy paste the chat log below so you can check it out and please tell me what was so wrong and bad and negative that i deserved a 14 days Truth is the enemy team was very toxic and flaming so i got tilted as well and responded to them to the end.Being low level the teammates as well can be on your nerves with the pings and the stress. side-note:The i will leave i will go to school was a correction to someone s message. Game 1 Chthollly: dont hit Chthollly: lvl 54 is low af lol Chthollly: STOP Chthollly: SPAMMING Chthollly: FFS Chthollly: STOP STEALING FARM Chthollly: can u stun Chthollly: anything Chthollly: and stop calling me %%%%%% lol Chthollly: ik what im doing Chthollly: STOP SPAMMING PINGS Chthollly: imma feed Chthollly: if u dont stop Chthollly: stop[ Chthollly: spamming Chthollly: or i mute Chthollly: and feed Chthollly: STOP Chthollly: my farm Chthollly: get out gp Chthollly: OUT Chthollly: he steals farm from here Chthollly: smh Chthollly: gp and yi are just proud noobs nothing more nothing less Chthollly: ure shit Chthollly: :)) Chthollly: shush Chthollly: yi is an ez champ Chthollly: ure fed Chthollly: can u shut up pls Chthollly: its annoying and pathetic Chthollly: shut Chthollly: up Chthollly: flamer Chthollly: pls 1 drake Chthollly: why , u need buff or smth? Chthollly: wtf Chthollly: adc always can jung Chthollly: lvl 54..bronze.. Chthollly: ? Chthollly: uh? Chthollly: 1 for 2 Chthollly: worth Chthollly: ours does too Chthollly: stop Chthollly: flaming Chthollly: like a 5 yo Chthollly: u played bad there Chthollly: diving for a kill Chthollly: shush Chthollly: yes u steal my farm Chthollly: -.- Chthollly: brand Chthollly: dont use ult Chthollly: on 1 target Chthollly: pls Chthollly: and stun lee Chthollly: or anyone Chthollly: just dont play brand if u dont know to hit stun, play bots first Chthollly: shaco so fed Chthollly: juked..? Chthollly: u didnt juke anything tho Chthollly: u didnt even move outta the poison Chthollly: what did u juked Chthollly: u Chthollly: didnt Chthollly: juke Chthollly: anything Chthollly: hes just bad Chthollly: no Chthollly: its a common term Chthollly: terms like this yes Chthollly: u are Chthollly: too Chthollly: tho Chthollly: HAHAHAHHA Chthollly: URE SO FUNNY Chthollly: HAHAHAHA Chthollly: so funny losing the game Chthollly: sure Chthollly: show me Chthollly: this yi.. Chthollly: oh god Chthollly: nice dive Chthollly: thats wasnt a div Chthollly: lol Chthollly: dive* Chthollly: yes Chthollly: because u engaged Chthollly: outnumbered Chthollly: i didnt engage Chthollly: lol Chthollly: ./mute all Chthollly: ? Chthollly: uh? Chthollly: he was in range tho Chthollly: and gp does slow Chthollly: he thought u had it Chthollly: sure man, flame your temamate cuz u chase with 500 hp Chthollly: only flame Chthollly: all game Chthollly: skill 0 Chthollly: eng 0 Chthollly: says the guy with that eng Chthollly: L))))))))))))))) Chthollly: yes Chthollly: not Chthollly: iw as far Chthollly: outplayed? Chthollly: due Chthollly: dude Chthollly: ure an assasin Chthollly: and im an adc Chthollly: are u mentally ill? Chthollly: your eng Chthollly: god Chthollly: pls Chthollly: kill me now Chthollly: ure not lol Chthollly: ure losing since min 20 Chthollly: brand Chthollly: why Chthollly: u Chthollly: ult Chthollly: 1 Chthollly: target Chthollly: it bounces off enemies Chthollly: ult when they ar emany Chthollly: i will leave Chthollly: i will go to school Chthollly: ( Chthollly: * Chthollly: winning uh Chthollly: yes in my dreams u will win Chthollly: u are losing anyway Chthollly: idk Chthollly: lee i see stopped talking Chthollly: omg.. Chthollly: wards Chthollly: shaco Chthollly: carrying Chthollly: :)))) Chthollly: yes izi lose Chthollly: yes it dows Chthollly: does Chthollly: with yo feed Chthollly: nice eng Chthollly: nobody made u buy that build Chthollly: yi.. Chthollly: stop playing like that Chthollly: ez Chthollly: ez 1v1
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