I don t want to be paired with premade ppl in normal games pls

Today I had 4 premade people I also want to mention that they were french too and cursed me in their language. I started on bot with lots of kills like 8-1 then 9-2 with caitlyn. I pushed hard on bot but guess what in the meantime top mid and jg fed riven and gangplank then they started to call me useless cait and stuff like cait u re bad and spammed pings on me and in the end they all agreed to to report me cause i died on riven because they fed her that s logic!! Please RIOT make in normal games a different system something similar to ranked so WE CAN CHOOSE between Solo q and Party q. I just want to be paired with other solo people and not with premade assholes like last time. THE MOMENT THEY FEED AND THEN I GET KILLED BY THE FED ENEMY IS ONLY AND ONLY MY FAULT. This is really furstrating and destroying my gaming experience. Please consider to implement a system for normal games too. Those who want to go in party like 5 or what so ever they can go be my guest BUT if I want SOLO Q I WANT TO BE IN SOLO Q without a party of 3-4 people this is really annoying cause of those trolls...They feed and they blame me cause I die on riven as adc... I also want to mention that my supp had redemption he was morgana and never used it was the only supp item he had that could help me and never used rest was ap build GG. I told them to protect me but they wouldn t. Also NASUS who blamed me whole game with stuff like: Cait u re so bad or bad adc riven and nautilus were on him and instead of focusing riven he focused nautilus and he died while riven had like quarter hp and he could put her down and he did that like 2 times as far as I saw. I told them to protect the adc but they didn t and all they did was to flame at me and ping on me. Nice people!!
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