Riot punishment???

Game 1 Pre-Game SnackBrother : why SnackBrother : do y SnackBrother : you SnackBrother : ban SnackBrother : my SnackBrother : champ SnackBrother : ima int SnackBrother : i will SnackBrother : intentionally feed SnackBrother : xD SnackBrother : oops SnackBrother : sorry didnt see SnackBrother : %%%%ing christ SnackBrother : how can you be that blind In-Game SnackBrother : dont ban my champ SnackBrother : i dont care SnackBrother : dont ban my champ SnackBrother : go mid SnackBrother : wow what a troll SnackBrother : twitch SnackBrother : whats ur name SnackBrother : 300 damage E :o SnackBrother : you banned my champ SnackBrother : do what you want lol SnackBrother : need ganks bot pls SnackBrother : twitch is strong SnackBrother : most kills in team SnackBrother : :D SnackBrother : 1/3 SnackBrother : ur worse than me SnackBrother : 1 kill SnackBrother : elise also gave 1 kills SnackBrother : brand worse stats than me xD SnackBrother : u want report ? SnackBrother : ur crying SnackBrother : im crying about u banning my champ thats all SnackBrother : and u say im trolling SnackBrother : but my stats are better than yours SnackBrother : ur the one that is writing all the time ^^ SnackBrother : reported SnackBrother : for insulting me SnackBrother : ur toxic SnackBrother : no? SnackBrother : your insulting me SnackBrother : lag SnackBrother : can you pls report brand SnackBrother : he is very toxic SnackBrother : i gave kata one kill SnackBrother : because lag SnackBrother : and im not trolling or flaming at all SnackBrother : i only complained once about you banning the champion i declared SnackBrother : i dont care taht you dont care SnackBrother : i didnt do anything brand SnackBrother : wtf is ur problem SnackBrother : brand you banned the champion i wanted to play SnackBrother : u should be reported SnackBrother : rep brand thanks Post-Game SnackBrother : hes lying SnackBrother : lol SnackBrother : i never flamed he SnackBrother : him* SnackBrother : i corrected myself SnackBrother : jesus christ This one game was enough to get me my account PERMANENTLY suspended. That brand in game banned the champion i wanted to play and he was also insulting me (probably heavily) on some language i didnt understand and accusing me of intentionally feeding, just because i gave the kata one kill early due to a lag spike that lead to my death. How is it fair that my account gets permanently suspended right after this game?
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