Unfair Suspention

Hello I have recently been given a 2 week suspension, it is in my opinion completely un justified. I was suspended for "toxicity" and after my last game and in this game I was playing with a premade of 2 who abused me throughout the game until I eventually snapped and said in all chat "i want to afk our top and mid do nothing but flame me and feed why do I get people like this on my team" they then said in all chat that I had been flaming all game which I hadn't then continued to say they were both going to report me for "useless" and "noob" . After the game I received my suspension E-mail which contained only 1 games chat log which was a game I played 2 days ago. In this game I played with 2 friends and 2 randoms, in this game there was admittedly a lot of arguing but it was by all parties and not to try point fingers me and my friends were not the instigators and considering I said nothing offensive in these arguments just tried to get people to focus back on the game and to grow up I fail to see how im the one who is now suspended. If anyone knows of a way to sort this out or get in contact with riot please let me know as they are now ignoring me on the support website, never had to deal with such careless and condescending people on a support site in all my years of gaming.
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