"It's Just A Normal"

This is quickly becoming the most irritating thing to hear in any non ranked game, and in most cases? It leads to a good 30/40 minutes wasted by a pre 2/3 who choose to play stupidly, feed constantly and when the rest of the team calls for a surrender? They veto it with the 3/2 majority. Take the game I just played, Ap Ez mid, totally viable, AP TF jungle, no problem with that. The ezreal constantly walked in and died over and over then when I said "what aaaare you doing bro" I got the reply "it's a normal, who cares, get a life". Well, I care, it's a good 30+ minutes I've lost because they have the majority vote to deny a surrender, and they do, over and over. Standing in bushes spamming emotes rather than helping, "because it's a normal". Why should I have to go play ranked, where it actually counts for something, just to have a game that's not ruined by a Blitzcrank jungle who after realising it doesn't work that well? Sits in the jungle spamming emotes. I have nothing against people playing out of meta champions or strats, I prefer diversity. But when they're openly trolling? Why should the rest of us have to sit in the game and wait for tweedle dumb and tweedle dee to decide, y'know, it's not that fun to lose 40 minutes or so to a game that for the rest of us? Isn't fun at all. This is kind of a rant? But it's a phrase that pops up in a load of games recently and it's an annoying precursor to a waste of time troll game that will inevitably ensue. To this? I think one solution is viable, to lift the restrictions somewhat on people leaving games prematurely. I know this could be abused, but people choose to go afk/run around the nexus anyway. Why should people who want to play the game, want to enjoy the game, be forced to sit victim to trolls who hi-jack it. This isn't COD, it isn't over in 8 minutes. It's a considerable amount of time to dedicate for literally no reward. It feels like EUW is becoming ever more toxic every single week.
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